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What Customers Have to Say!

Hear from OnCore Golf Customers.


Hear from OnCore Golf Customers:

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ELIXR 2020
Thomas J Grall

It is below zero and courses are buried in e to wait a little to try out.snow. Going to hav

Great box

It is great way to try all the Oncore balls.
It let's me play different ones during a round to help me choose my favorite going forward.

Great Deal. Looking forward to playing them.

I couldn't pass up the deal on these balls I had been looking at for a while. 2 boxes for $50 is a great deal. They appear to fit my swing speed and preferences for a ball. I have been using up some other balls with lower compression during the colder weather, but I'll pull these Elixr balls out soon.

Awesome shirts

I purchased one of each of the Oncore shirts and love the new patterns.

VERO X1 - 2 Dozen Pack
E Dingeman Kalis
Unbelievably irritating text messages that i can’t stop!!!!!!

Why can’t I unsubscribe from your extremely annoying text messages.
What do i have to do to get you off my phone?

Give a review when courses open

Live in MN. Courses open in April… lucky! Give you a review then.

Tried the new ELIXR 2022....

Just tried the new ELIXR 2022 and thoroughly impressed. Huge fan of Tania on Insta and Twitter, she's awesome- The logo is extra awesomeness....

Go Bills!

The golf balls are awesome. Shared a few sleeves with a couple of my fellow Bills fans in Hawaii. They all loved it. Oh yeah, they play well too. Very durable.

Elixir 2022

Just tried the elixir today nice and soft.

Michael CONLEY
New ball for me

Felt good putting and dri ingredients and everything in between.

Exactly what I wanted

Customize ELIXR 2022
Marc Brandstadter
Good quality, easy to order but logo size a little small

Oncore’s customize service is very easy to use and to fit your personalized logo onto the ball. In general the turnaround time is very good. Unfortunately to get a larger logo you must order 12 dozen balls. Their customer service stands out, as you can get responses from your requests unlike many of the bigger companies. That is part of the benefit of their being smaller and more personal.

Love the design

Prefer the vero x2

OnCore Golf Classic Towel

Great product & value!

Customer service is tops!

Official OnCore Cooler
peter lavelle
On core cooler

Looks great .I have not used it yet as it’s the middle of winter

Elixir works for my golf game

These balls go straight and true. This has resulted in more fairways hit. And extra yardage. Also the balls play well , as the feel around the green is amazing. Akso loved the free shipping. Very important

robert simpson

Still have not played but just a few holes because of weather conditions in my area, Will resubmit when able to play a full round.

This is my ball at least for the rest of wiinter

I really like these balls. I like the soft feel and I love the neon green color for winter golf. They really show up on the dormant fairways or if I end up in the leaves that collect near the edges of the course and they are easy to follow in flight.

2022 ELIXR - 2 Dozen Pack
Arthur Adams’s
Not the ball for me, lost to much distance

I have tried two balls from OnCore, the VEROx1 and the Elixr 2022 model. I have lost at least 20 yards with the big dog with both balls. Iron wise the VEROx1 are a plus 5 yards and hold the greens well. Elixr are 10 yards shorter than other balls I play.

Like the golf balls, love the pricing.

I’ve been playing OnCore Avant 55’s for the past 2 seasons (Chicago Area). Nice feel to the ball, maybe not as soft as my swing demands, but feels good. And the covers are very durable, scuffs mean you hit the cart path and I’ve never had any other damage to the durable cover. Well worth the money, would like a couple different colors without getting away from the smooth cover (hate the Matte finish balls that hit like rubber balls). Keep up the good work!!

Superb Cold Weather Ball!

I purchased the 2020 ELIXR to use in a tournament last weekend knowing it was going to be a high of 41 degrees. The ball performed just as I expected… I won the tournament!

AVANT 55 - 2 Dozen Pack
Billy Williams
Good cold weather ball

I find that with my worsening health and the weather we are experiencing I can compress the avant pretty good. When you lose ability and distance you have to rely on something you can compress

OnCore Gloves

Overall, I am please with the gloves. They have held up well. I using two gloves because my hands blister when playing. White color for left hand and red for the right hand. So far gloves are proving to work very well.

Excellent distance!!!