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Hear from OnCore Golf Customers.


Hear from OnCore Golf Customers:

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ELIXR 2020
Dennis Beltz
600 yard par 5

Tried all the balls, avant55 are a little to soft for my swing, elixir has good feel and spin, vero1 also feel good. My swing speed is 85 to 90 mph. Elixir my ball of choice.

sandra f
Avant 55

Iv been playing golf 22 years have used many different balls,found on core easy to hit n control .. love the feel n easy to find… thank you

Driver Club Headcover
Christopher Dunham
Driver Headcover

I love the brand and logo and am very proud to rock the driver head cover! High quality and stands out as unique! Great job Oncore!

Driver Club Headcover
William Dominguez

Good quality

OnCore Golf Classic Towell

Great product, handy around green!

Frank Sigler
avant 55

as good as any 2 piece ball I play for senior golfers

Golf story

I found one of your golf balls in a driving range machine that was in really good shape! Never heard of it but decided to give it a try! When out and shot a 72 and immediately ordered three dozen. Been using oncore balls ever since! Great ball at a reasonable price!

David Schwartz
Great ball for the Jersey Shore!

The Avant 55 has become my favorite golf ball to play. I play most of my golf along the New Jersey shore (South Jersey) and this is a great ball for the ever present windy conditions. The ball is long off the tee and has plenty of feel for touch shots around the green.

Club - OnCore Microfiber Towel - Black
Benito Gongora

OnCore Microfiber Towel - Black


As a 7 handicap, I know a golf ball is as important to results as your swing is. I played ProV1x's for a long time until I found the OnCore ball. The balls reaction is as comparable to the ProV1 as you can get without the price tag. I appreciate the feel of the ball whether it's from the driver or a lob wedge. The ball reacts just like I planned when I hit the shot. I am pleasantly pleased with my choice of golf ball, from this point forward it is the OnCore Vero X1.

Ink wears off!

It's a very good ball but the ink on the Josh Allen insignia starts to wear off after just a few holes! I probably won't buy these again.

Customize VERO X1
Michael Gyles

Excellent golf balls and service!

Great Deal

The deal was a great price. I liked the Avant balls. Feel good off the tee. Slightly less distance than the soft core I have been using. I have been able to put good backspin with short irons. It takes a little more effort putting but easy to get used too.

Good ball-good price

ELIXR 2022
Jim Breidenbach

ELIXR 2022

JA17 ball

Excellent ball…Great graphic…GO Bills

Steve Bowman
Fantastic golf ball

Shot 72 first time out with the Vero X1. Best round this year was 76, previouslyI don’t know why, but it is really long, really straight and spins well on wedges. Nice feel off the putter.

Club OnCore
james cole
Already behind the 8 ball.

Joined the club thinking it was the right time to try the new Vero balls. However, I was sent the Vero 1 balls. Very disappointed already.

VERO X1 - 2 Dozen Pack
Tom Zielinski
Vero X1

I’ve played numerous balls over the years, mostly Pro V1, but the Vero X1 is by far the best ball. Distance, great spin control and excellent feel with the putter. And within 3 weeks of putting the Vero X1 in play, my first hole-in-one. Gotta be the ball!!

First review (polo)

Awesome shirt. Hot Florida summer days . This polo feels amazing. It keeps you cool and the design and colors are perfect.

2022 ELIXR - 2 Dozen Pack

Gordon Riddick
Great ball

Compared to my gamer the prov1 matched it. And for the price you can’t beat ‘em.

JA17 ball = Scratch Golfer now


performance value

If you're tired of spending to much of your golf budget on golf balls to get the performance you feel you need, this ball is for you.

Go Bills!