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What Customers Have to Say!

Hear from OnCore Golf Customers.


Hear from OnCore Golf Customers:

Based on 8389 reviews
Sharp HAT with Great COLORS

The grey looks really sharp. Not too dark, and not too light. Comfortable fit. True to size. Stylish bill without blocking your view, but great keeping the hot Texas sun out of your eyes.

New favorite ball

As good or better than a Pro V1

Avant encore

Love this golf ball great feel and distance. Perfect for this 36 hole a week senior golfer.

VERO X1 - 2 Dozen Pack
Steven Lavergne
Very underrated ball!

My buddy intro’d me to these balls last year. I was sold right off the tee. Great feel, nice trajectory. Very nice off the putter. I’m not sure on the compression but it’s def on the softer side, but not too soft. I’d say it’s somewhere between the ProV1 and TM tp5 in feel. Around the greens there’s a good bite, like a hop and stop with a bit of spin. Nothing uncontrollable. They’re also fairly durable. For the price, it’s def worth it. Give it a try.

Rich Z
Great Ball

I really like this ball. The feel around the green is great and distance is the same if not better of all I have tried for my game. I'm a bit of a tester of every ball and I have really just keep coming back to the Vero x1. I buy the matte green and never lose these in the rough and can always see these from the tee after I hit my drives.

Marc Haddad


Mike Stafford

no issue as of yet

Club OnCore
Troy Beightol

Club OnCore

Mafia 4-Pack Bundle
Brenda Parrish

Mafia 4-Pack Bundle

Customize VERO X2
David Baumgart
Vero X2

I played the Vero X2 for the first time and the feel was firm distance was excellent. Prior to the X2 I played the Vero X1 which was excellent. I will probably go back to the X1 strictly on the softness and feel. Both ball are excellent.

Excellent distance, good around the green, rolls great

Great product

Very nice and appears will hold up well

Customize ELIXR 2022
Brian OLeary
Not what I expected with logo

I love the elixir. That being said the logo I had sent came out blurry, maybe my fault. But really it is only a mark for my ball. I ordered both white and yellow. The logo does wear off pretty easily. Again, the ball itself is great.

VERO X1 - 2 Dozen Pack
Lorin Swirsky
Great ball!!

I’ve tried several balls from different brands and these are the best I’ve found.

Great Ball

Awesome off the tee gave me an extra 15 to 20 yards and unbelievably straight. Soft touch around greens , rolls true on the greens 🥬 extra roll to hole. This is an amazing ball. I’m an 8.4 index last round was a38 front nine and a 40 back nine.

Great ball with wonderful distance, spin and feel. A big-time players ball for a small sized wallet.

VERO X1 - 2 Dozen Pack
Nicholas Martinez

Soft enough, decent ball flight but I was disappointed in all the imperfections on the cover face. Not worth the price going back to Kirkland.

OnCore Performance Pack
Morris Stevens Jr
Performance Pack A Great Way to do Individual Ball Testing

I am a long time Elixir player. I am 69 years old and carry an 7 handicap. I have for many years, been interested in trying out all the balls for the "Senior" players, wanting to find the right ball for me by actual testing, not just reading about swing speed and finding the most distance. The Performance Pack has been the best way for me to experience all the great balls in the OnCore repertoire. This past week was an opportunity to play a practice round, then a full tournament round. While still being an Elixir believer, I found the Vero x2 to actually be my preferred ball ... this week!! That was a surprise because I do not have the 105+ swing speed at my age. At any rate, my recommendation is to try them all... no matter what level you are. This company has a superior product all the way through the line, and definitely at the right price. Customer service is top notch. I will continue to be a very loyal customer! Thanks OnCore!

Great Ball

2 handicaper at 55 years of age and a 95mph driver swing speed. I haves played all the balls, thought I would give the 2020 Elixr a try and figured if it didn't play like I wanted I would use it for colder weather. Well, after 3 weeks and the weather getting warmer ... they are still in the bag. The ball plays well, has good spin on the irons and short game and is long off the tee. It took some time to get used to the soft feel on the putter, I played a 95 compression ball before switching. I plan on keeping this ball in the bag to see how it does once the summer heat and firm greens return. I'll be interested to try the 2022 model once the yellow is in stock but until then I am very happy with the 2020 ball.

Performance and Price unmatched!

Great performance by a great ball at the best price!

Club OnCore Plus
Jeff Siegel
My New Go To Golf Ball

The Oncore Vero X1 is a great golf ball. The distance is as good, if not better, than other golf balls. The reduced side spin is noticeable too.

Feeling the luck of the Irish

Took advantage of 1st purchase discount and I am loving my Shamrock Horseshoe golf balls. Played 2+ rounds until I lost my 1st one. Great feel and distance has improved 😀🍀

ELIXR 2022
Gary Moore
Good ball, average value.

Ball feels good and holds up well. Comparable value to Vice Pro and Srixon QStar Tour.

ELIXR 2022
Mark Devlin

ELIXR 2022


I used the VeroX1 ball a couple days ago and shot my best round ever! I really like how straight it flies, but especially how good it plays near the green. This is by far one of the best golf balls I've ever played.
The only complaint I have is the paint/coloring comes off after only a round or two. If this can be perfected they would get a 5 star rating.