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FlightPath Golf Tees – 1 Pack




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• One Box – Pack of 8 Golf Tees  (3.25 in)

FlightPath is the first directional golf tee engineered to improve your game by reducing ball friction and spin, giving you control to hit balls further in the direction you want. We have reinvented performance golf tees. Drive farther and straighter with these extremely durable golf tees. Whether it is at the course beating your friends or at the next US Open, FlightPath golf tees will give you the confidence to hit rockets down the fairway. FlightPath golf tees have been robotically tested and have been approved for legal play.

Each pack comes with 8 FlightPath golf tees!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Allen W.
More accuracy than using a regular tee!

I am a 76 year old golfer, whose power has not been increasing when hitting the golf ball as I have grown older! So all the advertisements about the flight path golf tees, so I decided to get a pack and give them a try. At first it was very awkward, trying to get the ball to balance on the tea, and felt strange for the ball to be tilted somewhat backwards, so I tried them in finally said well I think I’ll just go back to my regular tees but my ball striking distance has not increased as I’ve grown older so I decided to bring them out again and give them another try and over short period of time I’ve gotten more comfortable taking the ball up All these days and I have gained cording to my playing partners, 15 to 20 yards on my average drives and my drives are definitely straighter! So I’ve ordered some more of these tees so I can make sure I keep a good supply in my golf bag as I plan on continuing to use these Now and into the future. And even when I struggle on some holes when I step up to see the bowl up on the next toll, I have more confidence that I’m going to hit the ball straighter, further, and with more accuracy than using a regular tee! Thanks flight path golf for helping this aging golfer to find some new life in his game!

Thorsten P.
The tee works extraordinary!

Greetings from Germany. I ordered my first flightpath tees in April, now I received the delivery…everything perfect. I played my first round of golf yesterday evening and I'm totally convinced. The tee works extraordinary. More than 80% of my teeshots went straight down the fairway and landed exactly where I aimed them. That is an increase of about 30% compared to my former data. Also the length has slightly increased. I hope the story continuous. Thanks for having such innovation.

Bernadette Harris H.
Great Surprise

Flightpath tees were a big reason for the success of the “Raise the Walls in Overalls” dinner and auction for Habitat for Humanity of Washington and Dodge Counties in Wisconsin. The highest bidder is in for great surprise the next time he heads for the links.

Peter T.
Used for 3 Years

Have used them for three years. I always liked them. Very durable will always use them.

Robert H.
Tees are Great!

The tee’s are great. Their unique design help with my alignment and consistency in my set up. I also love the fact that they are almost indestructible. I haven’t broke one this season. I have given out some to the guys in my league and they seem to like them. So l give the tee’s a definite thumbs up 👍🏻