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Our two-time Golf Digest Hot List Gold Winner, the ELIXR tour ball is expertly crafted for all golfers – from amateur to elite.

The ELIXR combines original chemistry blends with advanced material elements to create a high performance tour ball. Our unique polybutadiene core delivers exceptional coefficient of restitution (CoR) for maximum velocity and distance. With our proprietary polymer mantle infused with high density particles for enhanced perimeter weighting, the ELIXR delivers exceptional accuracy and control. A premium cast urethane cover delivers a soft, pure feel off the club face and gives the ELIXR great greenside control, durability and first class performance.

Golf Ball Awards
  • Gold Digest Gold 2020
  • Gold Digest Gold 2019
  • Golfer’s Authority Highest Rating Ever 9.8
Golf Ball Construction
  • • 3-Piece Design
  • • Cast Urethane Cover
  • • 318 Dimple Pattern
  • • 80 Compression
Golf Ball Features
  • • Built for intermediate or advanced players
  • • Low driver spin for optimal distance & control
  • • Enhanced perimeter weighting for accuracy and control
Golfer Profile

Prefers tour quality ball without the tour price tag.

ELIXR - Golf Ball - Overview
VERO X1 Golf Ball


Our ELIXR tour ball is a 2X Golf Digest Gold award-winning ball. Our unique perimeter-weighted design allows for a piercing ball flight that is extremely stable in cross winds.

Enhanced perimeter weighting that provides exceptional accuracy and control. Features our proprietary polymer mantle infused with high-density particles.

Noted by MYGOLFSPY for being one of the lowest compression tour balls (80) that didn’t lose ball speed, you get the best of both worlds – a premium soft feel, matched with incredible distance.

How it Plays on the Course


 Low spin and low launch makes the ELIXR great off the Driver. 


Responsive feel, softer off the driver but not too soft, and great grip around the greens.

In the Wind

One of the best balls in the wind, it is less affected, thanks to high MOI design.


Mid-launch point with great spin into the green.


Long off the tee with penetrating ball flight.


Soft pure feel off the putter.


Stable in crosswinds and on miss-hits due to perimeter weighted design and high MOI.

Compare Golf Balls

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Cover Cast Urethane Soft Suryln Cast Urethane
Construction 3-Piece 2-Piece 4-Piece
Driver Low Spin Low Spin Low Spin
Wedge High Spin Medium Spin Higher Spin
Launch Low to Mid High Mid to High
Feel Soft Softer Firmer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 989 reviews
michael sunderman

A friend of mine, Tim McCabe, raved about the OnCore golf balls and after watching him shoot rounds in low 60’s. I had to give them a try so I ordered a dozen of each type.

I found the ELIXR best suited my game and slower swing. I’ve played several rounds now and can tell you that the golf ball performs as good or better than the Titleist AVX or Callway Chrome Soft that I have been playing for years

The ELIXR feels great off of every club in there bag, especially the putter.

I’ve noticed that ELIXR is at least a half club longer on my iron shots, so they are flying 6-7 yards longer. My driver saw much bigger gains, picking up 20+ yards.

I gave a sieve to another friend, and he saw similar results with several drives going 25-30 yards further than his Bridgestone ball.

Overall, I was impressed enough to order 6 dozen more ELIXR golf balls, especially after I had an eagle and 2 birdies in 9 holes, shooting 3-under.

I’m now giving a sleeve to other friends so they can see the benefits for themselves.

Michael Sunderman
Gulfport, MS

Albert Rangel
Awesome golf ball family!

I can’t say enough good things about these golf balls. I bought the Vero X1 on a hunch and I decided to immediately make the switch over permanently. I tried the Elixr and it’s just as good as Vero. Do yourself a favor and try an Oncore ball. You won’t be disappointed!!

Good Ball for $$

I am 6.7HC and have full indoor SIM for testing (I do test all major brands and more)

Pros-(compared to ProV1)
Price-Great price when bought in a bundle
Feel-Little Softer than ProV1 and that’s good for added forgiveness
Putting-Feels like ProV1
Chipping-No difference on bump and run
Pitching-You have to be Pro to tell the difference if there is any. I can’t
Full LW- ProV1 at 10100rpm and Elixr at 10800rpm
7i-Both around 5500rpm and almost identical carry (Elixr was 1 yard longer)
Driver-Elixr little higher and more carry but ProV1 more roll for almost same distance

Have split into 2 pieces (big cracks) many Elixr balls but yet to split even one ProV1
Elixr cover gets discolored/rough quicker than ProV1

All of this is going to change golfer to golfer but it’s not 20 yard shorter or 20 yard longer than ProV1.

Gary Taylor

Will not be able to hit balls for 2 more months. It’s winter with snow here.

John Aitken

Live in Canada, will not use until at least end of April



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