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AVANT 55 – 2 Dozen Pack




Quantity is for 2 Dozen Bundle
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The AVANT 55 is our award-winning, super soft, low compression (55) long distance golf ball. Featuring a large soft inner core for added perimeter weighting and straighter, longer shots off the tee. A perfect balance of flight and control. Soft surlyn cover with 392 dimple pattern for optimal trajectory and playability.

The OnCore AVANT 55 golf ball utilizes SoftCell technology to achieve ultra low 55 compression. The high coefficient of restitution (CoR) core generates maximum ball velocity. Ideal for moderate swing speeds. The 2-piece construction allows for high launching wedge shots with a very soft feel around the greens and off the putter face.

Golf Ball Awards
  • Silver Golf Digest Award 2019
  • Top-rated golf ball in cold weather.
Golf Ball Construction
  • • 2-Piece Design
  • • Soft Surlyn Cover
  • • 392 Dimple Pattern
  • • 55 Compression
Golf Ball Features
  • Perfect for Beginner level players
  • Ultra-soft feel around the green
  • Reactive to lower swing speeds
Golfer Profile

Senior, junior, or beginner players looking for a softer distance ball that won’t break the bank. It’s also a perfect golf ball for cold-weather rounds.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 473 reviews
Billy Jones
Great Golf Balls

Read a study relating to swing speed vs compression of golf balls. The avanti 55 matches my swing perfectly. Nice firm feel yet great around the greens
A keeper for me.

Michael Ruscio
Very nice balls

I’ve been trying to buy golf balls from the smaller, direct-to-consumer companies, like OnCore. I’ve narrowed it down to buying from OnCore, and a few other small online companies.
I’ve tried several of OnCore balls. I’ve liked them all. I fall most closely into the Avant 55 profile, so I’ve been getting mostly those. For the price, you can’t beat these balls if you have a slower swing speed. They do everything pretty well. As well, or better than, the more expensive balls from the big manufacturers.
I’ve also been using OnCore’s Elixer balls. More expensive, but a little nicer around the greens. I found the Elixer balls to be especially great for me for putting. They are like butter to putt.
The only drawback with OnCore is the high expense of shipping if you only want two or three dozen balls. It adds enough to the price per ball to encourage me to look at other similar options. That has been keeping me from buying OnCore balls more often. If they offered free shipping on smaller orders, I’d buy balls from them on a regular basis. Occasionally they do have free shipping specials, and I take advantage of that. But since other companies, with similar quality balls and prices, offer free shipping on a regular basis, I will buy from them too, rather then exclusively from OnCore.
But, if you don’t care about the added shipping expense, OnCore is an excellent choice.

Gary Neureuter
Love the ball

Love the ball

Bob Jarrett
Still waiting for my order

It’s been a few weeks now, and I’m a little concerned. I ordered six dozen AVANT 55 for my group of senior members. Is there any way to track them down?
Thanks Bob

gary olson
Long and straight

I’ve been very happy with the Avant 55 golf balls. They seem to fit my slower swing speed.