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The Dynamics Of A Hollow Spin

Prior to my work in developing golf balls, I completely misunderstood how a golf ball traveled through the air – especially the golf balls I used.  After hitting the ball with my driver, they would start nicely down the fairway, but then would, all of a sudden, move from right to left.  It remains a […]

1 Week in the Life of an Oncore Review

OnCore is breaking several barriers in the golf ball industry, and our customers are really starting to see the success. By shaving strokes off your game and landing more fairways, Team OnCore is growing tremendously! Take a look at just a few of the testimonials we received this week;   “Imagine this Windy City golf […]

Why Accuracy Matters & How Ball Spin Effects it

We all know intuitively that accuracy is tantamount to a well played round of golf. The habitual scramblers out there may disagree, but you’re certainly a minority. Most of us mere mortals that end up in the tree’s might as well post the double bogey or possibly worse before we even hit the green. Figure […]

Is a low compression ball right for you?

Think you swing too fast for a low compression ball…? You’re not alone, but new core chemistry is changing that perception. We asked our engineer to explain how someone with a high swing speed could benefit from a low compression (65) ball like our Avant; “Low compression does not mean distance is impaired anymore.  Core […]

OnCore Golf Supports Our Troops

First of all, THANK YOU to all the men and women who have served and currently serve on the front lines in our military services. We truly appreciate everything you have done in your sacrifice to make sure our country is safe, and everyone can live freely in a safe environment. OnCore is a small […]

A Golf Tip from Chi Chi Rodriguez

Generating Power Chi Chi Rodriguez As I developed my game as a young golfer I was always looking for more power. I was looking for more power and I found it because I learned to build a solid wall of my left side, a wall that would not move under any circumstances. The theory is, […]

Growth of Technology in Golf

Golf originated in Scotland back in the 15th century. Since then, equipment technology has been constantly evolving and improving. Legend has it that people would hit pebbles into the sand dunes of Scotland with a bent stick or “club.” One of the first golf balls created, back in 1618, was the featherie – handcrafted and […]

Fried Egg Bunker Tips

Tips from OnCore LPGA teaching instructor Courtney Mahon on how to hit a fried egg bunker shot. Hood the club face, weight on front foot, ball in center of stance, steep angle of approach…simple right? Easier said than done so practice, practice, practice and you will ace this shot!  

Billy Hunt and Scott Aughtry

We are very fortunate at OnCore to have amazing customers. Two military veterans, Billy Hunt and Scott Aughtry, are a testament to that statement. Both are battling their own challenges after being in the military service but have a common passion for golf. They are determined to continue improving their game, despite the obstacles they […]

Why Giving Back Matters

This story takes me back several years ago, 8 to be precise. home at the time, NYC, for the trip of a lifetime throughout Southeast Asia. On rail, foot, planes, and boats I crossed borders and zig zagged through the jungles and cities of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. Stimulating would […]

Craig Bowden of the Tour Tees Off With The ELIXR

Craig Bowden, seasoned PGA Tour Professional and current Player, has gotten off to a fast start at the PGA Professional Championship with a 3 under par 1st round score. Good enough for T3 on day 1. Craig recently changed to the OnCore ELIXR due to its tremendous feel and superior playability in windy conditions. […]