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Artificial Intelligence in Golf

Golf in the age of AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make it’s impact known in golf, whether we like it or not. The question is when, and how can one take advantage of it?  First, lets back up a little and discern what exactly is AI? AI at its most basic level, is intelligence demonstrated […]

When Advanced Mathematics and Poker meet Golf?

Greetings Fellow golfers Meet Scott Fawcett – mathematical savant, poker player extraordinaire and a former professional golfer. Scott has developed a system, DECADE Golf, call it the “Moneyball” approach to golf, where using advanced statistics, golfers can track and analyze their games. Another key feature is the training involved which helps you to create dynamic strategies, for example, where to place your […]

Sizzlin’ Summer ELIXR Testimonial Videos!

Check out the below testimonial videos about our award winning Golf Digest Hot List ELIXR tour ball by the below golf influencers! Continuing the uber positive reviews that keep pouring in since we introduced the ball.        

Summer 2018 Recap: OnCore Golf Technology

It has been quite the summer for Team OnCore. With our squad of professionals on the, the world long drive and other tours around the world, our impact on the game is growing! A few quick highlights and many more to come.  #1: OnCore becomes partner with New York State Golf Association providing logo […]

Why get fit for a golf ball?

Most of you are more than likely familiar with getting fit for golf clubs, but for a ball? You may second guess that and we are are here to tell you it is a good idea to experiment with your balls, golf balls that is! Why? Consider the golf ball is the only piece of equipment […]

OnCore Golf Becomes Official Swiss PGA Golf Ball Supplier

OnCore Golf – Official Swiss PGA Ball Supplier The US-based cutting-edge golf ball company OnCore Golf Technologies Inc. is partnering up with the Swiss PGA to become its Official Ball Supplier. “OnCore and the Swiss PGA share a common mission – “Growing the Game”. We are proud to partner up with this cutting-edge golf ball technology company supporting them […]

We Get These Testimonials Every Day

 Dear OnCore, “100% sold on the ELIXR golf ball created by you guys! I’m not a scratch golfer but I have been playing since I was 5 yrs old. I only get out once a week and I usually avg from a 5-2 handicap wise. Your ball is by far the straightest off the tee […]

Mental Game Tips from LPGA Great Kate Hughes (Part 1)

Kates Hughes has had a very successful LPGA career and now she is devoting her time to helping golfers just like you, become better! Her mental game strategies have helped golfers around the world reach their full potential. OnCore is thrilled to have Kate provide our readers with content living up to our tagline “You […]