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Growth of Technology in Golf

Golf originated in Scotland back in the 15th century. Since then, equipment technology has been constantly evolving and improving. Legend has it that people would hit pebbles into the sand dunes of Scotland with a bent stick or “club.” One of the first golf balls created, back in 1618, was the featherie – handcrafted and […]

Fried Egg Bunker Tips

Tips from OnCore LPGA teaching instructor Courtney Mahon on how to hit a fried egg bunker shot. Hood the club face, weight on front foot, ball in center of stance, steep angle of approach…simple right? Easier said than done so practice, practice, practice and you will ace this shot!  

Billy Hunt and Scott Aughtry

We are very fortunate at OnCore to have amazing customers. Two military veterans, Billy Hunt and Scott Aughtry, are a testament to that statement. Both are battling their own challenges after being in the military service but have a common passion for golf. They are determined to continue improving their game, despite the obstacles they […]

Why Giving Back Matters

This story takes me back several years ago, 8 to be precise. home at the time, NYC, for the trip of a lifetime throughout Southeast Asia. On rail, foot, planes, and boats I crossed borders and zig zagged through the jungles and cities of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. Stimulating would […]

Craig Bowden of the Web.com Tour Tees Off With The ELIXR

Craig Bowden, seasoned PGA Tour Professional and current Web.com Player, has gotten off to a fast start at the PGA Professional Championship with a 3 under par 1st round score. Good enough for T3 on day 1. Craig recently changed to the OnCore ELIXR due to its tremendous feel and superior playability in windy conditions. […]

A Year in Review

The past year at OnCore Golf has been something special to our staff, partners, and especially our fans and consumers of our golf brand. The golf industry is a large and dangerous water and the journey is never easy to come on top being an underdog in any situation, but at OnCore we thrive under […]

OnCore Golf Welcomes PGA of Canada Teacher of the Year, Jason Helman

OnCore Golf Welcomes PGA of Canada Teacher of the Year, Jason Helman, to National Staff. Buffalo, NY (April 20, 2018) – OnCore Golf is thrilled to announce the signing of Top Ranked Canadian Golf Instructor, Jason Helman, to its National Staff Program.  Helman, who brings over 25 years of professional coaching experience, has joined the […]

OnCore’s ELIXR in the Wind

A professional basketball court is always 94 by 50 feet. A tennis court is 78 by 27 feet. An Olympic-size swimming pool is 164 feet in length. But a dimension never defines a golf course. With every shot in golf comes a different look and no golf course is the same. Golf being an outdoors […]