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ELIXR and VERO X1 on Top

When we launched the ELIXR we knew we had something special on our hands. A low compression tour ball that felt magical, hence the name. And as great as the feel was, the performance was even better. Golf Digest gave the ELIXR two Gold Hot List Awards and MyGolfSpy praised the ELIXR as one of […]

OnCore Featured in Golfweek

Golfweek highlights the history of our Buffalo-based company and proprietary perimeter-weighted golf balls. OnCore Golf’s mantra is to use innovative technologies that drive impressive performance at a great value. Read the full article.

Dear OnCore: Should I be Playing a Distance Golf Ball?

In golf, the distance race has been going on for years. And it’s fueled a frenzy in the golf ball category with nearly every major manufacturer churning out a “distance” golf ball with accompanying claims of prodigious length. OnCore’s proprietary perimeter-weighting is the real deal. Learn more about distance golf balls from the experts.

Five Golf Ball Fitting Tips to Improve Your Game

Before you dive into our Ball Fitting Assessment, check out five Golf Ball Fitting Tips that will help you find the right golf ball to improve your golf game. Then, take the next step with our Ball Fitting Assessment and get fitted today. New customers get $10 off their First Purchase!

OnCore Golf’s VERO X1 Tops ProV1®, ProV1x® in Golf EQ’s Independent Testing

OnCore Golf’s New VERO X1 Vaults to the Top in Golf EQ Independent Testing Higher launch, lower spin, greater distance and more control around the greens. These are attributes long associated with the industry’s two biggest brand name golf balls, Titleist® Pro V1® and Pro V1x®. According to independent testing recently conducted by Golf EQ, […]

OnCore April Tik Tok Recap

Check out our latest, tips, tricks and sweet videos on Tik Tok and follow OnCore Golf. Best Selling OnCore Golf Products