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Three Reasons to Order Customized Golf Balls

Check out three reasons why golfers should order customized golf balls from OnCore Golf. Customize award winning golf balls online today.

The perception among golfers is that customized golf balls are tedious to design, prohibitively expensive to purchase and not worth the time and effort. The reality, however, is that OnCore has streamlined the customization process to make it as easy as ordering a dozen regular balls. 

“With our online Golf Ball Customizer, golfers can visit our website, design and order custom golf balls in three simple steps,” says Ian Repka, OnCore’s Operations Manager. “For large corporate orders of 24 dozen or more we have an in-house print team to answer questions or help with the design process. We even have sales reps in several cities and states for those looking for more of a localized solution.”

Here are three reasons to order customized golf balls. 

Customize Golf Balls Online
  1. They Stand Up to the Elements

There was a time when marking your golf balls with a Sharpie was a rite of passage before a casual or competitive round. Then a series of ball stamps hit the market, providing golfers with a bit more professionalism in their personalization. 

But anyone who’s played golf amid the morning dew or during a rain shower knows that “permanent” is relative term. That crisp, clean stamp you pressed onto your ball a few holes ago can end up looking like the logo on a faded vintage t-shirt after an 18-hole round in the elements. 

“There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time to mark a dozen golf balls only to find that the mark is unrecognizable, the golf balls look terrible and the storage pocket of your golf bag is now stained,” Repka says. “Our customized balls stand up to the elements and your logo, image and text will last the life cycle of the golf ball.

VERO X1 - Best Golf Ball for Putting - 2021 Golf Ball

2. They Can Improve Your Performance on the Greens

Some golf ball manufacturers now print aiming lines on their golf balls and even sell accessories, like ball markers and divot repair tools, to match. At OnCore, we believe that having an aiming line on your golf ball should be optional. After all, the research and subsequent recommendations are a mixed-bag when it comes to the effectiveness of aiming lines.

But for those golfers who find it helps with their performance on the greens, OnCore can design professional, customized aiming lines on the golf ball of their choice, including our AVANT 55, ELIXR and new VERO X1. Repka even recommends ordering a dozen with aiming lines and a dozen without and tacking your performance over four or five rounds. 

“One of the advantages of ordering customized golf balls with OnCore is that there’s no minimum order,” Repka says. “Golfers are free to perform their own testing to find out what type of aiming line, if any, is right for them.

Personalize Golf Balls Online

3. They Make Great Gifts

While this is the most obvious reason to order customized balls, it’s also one of the most underutilized. “Gifts” cover a broad spectrum, ranging from ordering a friend a dozen personalized balls on his or her birthday or over the holidays, to purchasing hundreds of sleeves of balls for a corporate event, tournament or outing. 

“Golfers love customized golf balls, it’s that simple,” Repka says. “On a personal level, it’s a very thoughtful gift and pragmatically, who doesn’t need more golf balls?”

Repka has a couple of tips for those who’re customizing golf balls for a large group or personalizing them for friends or family.

“There’s only so much surface area on a golf ball, so choose a small logo or image that fits and looks good,” he says. “And resolution is also important. An image that is low resolution but highly-pixelated will result in a poor appearance.”

To learn more about customizing your OnCore order, visit our Golf Ball Customizer, or choose from our assortment of custom logo balls, including the Josh Allen “Mafia Ball” and  the special edition Ezekiel Elliott “Everyone Eats” ball. 

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