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Danish Professional TrackMan Tests OnCore Golf Balls – Yields Exceptional Results

Danish Professional TrackMan Tests OnCore Golf Balls – Yields Exceptional Results

At OnCore Golf, we are always seeking to garner feedback on the innovative golf ball products that we make for golfers to play and enjoy around the world. Adding to the already large list of professional golfers who have validated the buzz around our tour ball, the Golf Digest Award Winning ELIXR, the recent TrackMan testing completed by an accomplished Danish Professional who plays on the Challenger Tour further buttresses the sterling reviews about the ELIXR.

Testing methods followed the below guidelines:


Five Pitch shots of each ball

Five 7-iron shots of each ball

Five Driver shots of each ball

Rasmus ELIXR Driver Data


ELIXR Driver Data Pictured Above 

ELIXR 7-Iron Data Pictured Above

ELIXR Pitching Wedge Data Pictured Above

Test results:

Commentary from Danish Professional on test of OnCore Golf balls ELIXR & AVANT can be found below:


“Very soft feel.”
“Performance is really good, distance is good and short distance between longest and shortest shot (after 5 shots) which is really good for a 2-piece entry ball.”


“Already when I touch the ball, I can feel that it is a different ball”. 
After having hit the first couple of ELIXRs, Rasmus states with extreme enthusiasm, “It’s got a superb feeling”. 
When Rasmus started testing ELIXR with the driver, it didn’t take long before he said, “That’s the longest carry of the day” – Rasmus carried the ELIXR over 310 yards and his smash factor is very close to 1.5 (perfect strike – center of clubface).     
Spin rates are the same or very close to the spin rates Rasmus experiences with the best golf balls he’s played with.

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John Osberg, Director of Sales & Market Engagement

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