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Five Ways to Save on Golf Balls with OnCore

It’s easy to go over budget when playing golf. Here are five ways to save on golf balls with OnCore Golf. Like most golfers, we like to establish a budget.

VERO X2 - Golfer Profile

Golf is an expensive hobby, no matter how you slice it (no pun intended). According to a recent GOLF Magazine survey of over 2,000 golfers, the majority of respondents said they spend between $500 and $1,000 annually on clubs and balls.  

According to the National Golf Foundation (NGF), the overall golf expenditure figure is much higher when adding in soft goods (apparel and shoes) and accessories (tees, towels, bags, etc.). And that doesn’t even include golf travel, for which a single trip can easily exceed $2,000 per person. 

The bottom line? It’s easy to go over budget when playing this wonderful game. Fortunately for golfers, there are plenty of options to improve your bottom lines. Here are five ways to stock your golf bag and save with OnCore. 

1. Bulk Buying  

It just doesn’t get any easier than this. Buying 2-Pack Bundles nets you $10 off any of our award-winning balls: AVANT 55, ELIXR 2020, ELIXR 2022 and VERO X1. And if we’re being honest, does anyone really need less than two dozen golf balls at any given time? There are also significant savings when ordering three and six dozen balls, which leads us to … 

Save $10 with 2-Pack Bundles from OnCore Golf

2. Free Shipping 

Any OnCore order of $100 or more qualifies for free shipping. So, for example, let’s say you order two VERO X1 2-Pack Bundles. That’s $140 before taxes (a savings of $20) and free shipping ($10 savings) for a total savings of $30. Or, according to our math, enough to buy another dozen ELIXRs. Hurray, 2-Pack Bundles + free shipping. 

3. AVANT 55 

The AVANT 55, launched in 2016, was one of our original, perimeter-weighted balls. It’s two-piece construction and super soft surlyn cover helped us hold the price point to $20 a dozen. Golf Digest named AVANT 55 to its vaunted Hot List in 2019, and it’s also rated as one of the best golf balls for cold weather. So, if you have a slow to moderate swing speed and are on a budget, you just can’t beat AVANT 55.  

4. Club Oncore 

Launched earlier this year, Golf Tips Magazine referred to Club OnCore as the “Amazon Prime of Golf.” Well, it may not offer the latest season of Bosch, but Club OnCore covers just about every other base for diehard golfers. There’s free shipping, customization, sitewide discounts of up to 25%, sign-up gifts, exclusive access to partner deals and so much more.  

5. OnCore Gear 

Over the past year we’ve added all sorts of OnCore-branded gear at the website, from stand bags and travel covers to polos, hats, tees, divot repair tools and vintage t-shirts. We’ll soon add quarter zips, winter hats, hoodies and more. And as a direct-to-consumer company, we eliminate the middleman and pass the savings along to our customers.  

Need help finding the right golf ball for your game? Check out our online fitting assessment and get $10 in OnCore Cash if you’re a first-time buyer.  

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