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How To Think Like A Pro With Mental Performance Coach Seth Pepper

Seth Pepper has worked with a number of PGA Tour Professionals on improving their mental capabilities on and off the golf course. Join us as we learn the secrets to controlling and harnessing the power of our minds on and off the golf course. Lower scores are in our future! Learn more about Seth on […]

Gary Player Raves About the OnCore ELIXR

Gary Player tells the guys over at Golf Shop why they should be playing the ELIXR. Funny thing is, they are already playing it! Try the ELIXR on our website today www.oncoregolf.com. Listen as one of the all-time PGA tour greats, Gary Player, joins golf host, Ted Odorico, along with former LPGA Tour and Legends Tour […]

The Swingman – A Quick-Six Interview with Jeremy Nowak

  The next time you find yourself at a dome in western New York, or a driving range, or a golf course, and you hear a collision that sound like a train eviscerating a mountain, don’t worry. It’s not a train, and it’s not a mountain. It is probably a young man named Jeremy Nowak, […]

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen playing OnCore Golf Balls

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen is playing the VERO X1 tour ball and rocking the OnCore New Era golf hat. Did you hear he slammed someone through a table on hole 16 at the Waste Management Open? Bills Mafia must have been present.  Shop the Josh Allen Mafia Ball below or visit the Josh Allen […]

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen playing ELIXR

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen is playing our ELIXR tour ball and rocking the OnCore New Era golf hat. Did you hear he slammed someone through a table on hole 16 at the Waste Management Open? Bills Mafia must have been present. 

The secrets of golf ball compression: Is AVANT 55 or ELIXR right for you?

500 microseconds. That’s the amount of time that a driver clubface compresses a golf ball. No, it’s not a lot of time, but it is a concept that garners a great deal of media attention. Golf ball compression leaves golfers wondering how to determine the best golf ball for them. Sit back and smile, because we are […]

OnCore Partners with WSCGA

Yesterday on August 8; OnCore announced that we will be partnering with the WSCGA (Women’s South Carolina Golf Association) to become the official golf ball of the association. We are very excited to announce this as it allows us to help the association promote the best interests of the game of golf to its 14,000 members. […]

Top 6 Big City Golf Courses Near an Airport: Western Coast Edition

Meetings, Negotiations, Training, Facility Tours-all part and parcel of business trips. If certain days allow you to sneak in a round of golf, why not avail yourself of the opportunity.to chase the little white ball? A welcome break from the grind makes the business run smoother, after all. In part two, we’ve listed six prime […]

Looping The Loop: Playing The Famous Reversible Golf Course with OnCore

We can count on one hand, the number of reversible golf courses we know. The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland, started it all. The cradle of the game used to be played counter-clockwise (the accepted route) and clockwise, with regularity. Now, the clockwise route is used only on special occasions. Another reversible routing, 36 […]

OnCore’s Top 5 News Stories From This Week

“The Ronald” writes for OnCore Golf and GolfWRX.com from western New York. He dabbles in coaching golf and teaching Spanish, in addition to scribbling columns on all aspects of golf, from apparel to architecture, from equipment to travel. Follow Ronald Montesano on Twitter at @buffalogolfer. A word to all municipalities interested in saving their golf […]

OnCore at The International Junior Masters

The International Junior Masters brings 80 of the world’s top junior golfers to East Aurora Country Club once a year. OnCore gave each player a dozen ELIXR tour balls for free and participated in the Ham Am Monday tournament. Each foursome is paired with a junior in a scramble format. This event is mostly for […]


Sweepstakes SWEEPSTAKES HAS ENDED Rules for entering: Prizes: There will be two grand prizes!! To some this may seem like an odd number but to us it signifies the two greats, Al Geiberger and Gary Player. Gary Player is often regarded as one of the best golfers to ever grace this earth. He has nine major championships, […]