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The AVANT 55 is our award-winning, super soft, low compression (55) distance golf ball.

The AVANT 55 features a large soft inner core for added perimeter weighting and straighter, longer shots off the tee. A perfect balance of flight and control. Soft surlyn cover with 392 dimple pattern for optimal trajectory and playability. The AVANT 55 utilizes SoftCell technology to achieve ultra low 55 compression. The high coefficient of restitution (CoR) core generates maximum ball velocity. Ideal for moderate swing speeds. The 2-piece construction allows for high launching wedge shots with a very soft feel around the greens and off the putter face.

Golf Ball Awards
  • Silver Golf Digest Award 2019
  • Top-rated golf ball in cold weather.
Golf Ball Construction
  • • 2-Piece Design
  • • Soft Surlyn Cover
  • • 392 Dimple Pattern
  • • 55 Compression
Golf Ball Features
  • Perfect for Beginner level players
  • Ultra-soft feel around the green
  • Reactive to lower swing speeds
Golfer Profile

Senior, junior, or beginner players looking for a softer distance ball that won’t break the bank. It’s also a perfect golf ball for cold-weather rounds.

AVANT 55 - Golf Ball - Overview
AVANT 55 Golf Ball


Our 2-piece design features a large inner core for added stability off the tee and high lofting shots into the green.

Seniors, juniors and new entrants to the game of golf, across the board have fallen in love with the AVANT 55 ball.

The AVANT 55 is engineered for those whose swing speeds have slowed down and need a boost in distance and feel.

How it Plays on the Course


Higher launch and great soft feel.


Soft surlyn and low compression combines to make this a great soft feeling ball.

In the Wind

Stable trajectory in windy conditions.


High launch for drop and stop playing into the greens.


Fast and long off the tee.


Soft true feel off the putter.


Large inner core creates high MOI for great control.

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Cover Cast Urethane Soft Suryln Cast Urethane
Construction 3-Piece 2-Piece 4-Piece
Driver Low Spin Low Spin Low Spin
Wedge High Spin Medium Spin Higher Spin
Launch Low to Mid High Mid to High
Feel Soft Softer Firmer

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