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What type of ball should women and men play?

Of course, men and women should play whatever ball they are comfortable with and whichever ball performs the best.  For women golfers, generally low compression golf balls are preferred.  With the lower compression, a slower swinging female player can get the ball to compress more and improve backspin.  Most golfers (men or women) with slow swing speeds don’t generate enough backspin to keep the ball in the air long enough to create more distance.  If the woman is a better player then there are more options for her and if she hits it a long way she can play the same ball as a man.  Women tend to like colored balls but as long as they are keeping it in play and scoring then any ball they use and like works.  One caveat is the higher compression ball which is probably best left to the stronger women players.  If cost is an issue then Surlyn-covered balls are the more cost effective products.

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