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Which OnCore Golf Ball is right for you?

Which OnCore Golf Ball is right for you? The ELIXR, AVANT 55, or the all-new VERO X1. We have designed a full suite of golf balls to meet each of your needs on the course. Maybe you prefer a soft, low compression distance ball and our AVANT 55 is a great choice for you. Or […]

The secrets of golf ball compression: Is AVANT 55 or ELIXR right for you?

500 microseconds. That’s the amount of time that a driver clubface compresses a golf ball. No, it’s not a lot of time, but it is a concept that garners a great deal of media attention. Golf ball compression leaves golfers wondering how to determine the best golf ball for them. Sit back and smile, because we are […]

Looping The Loop: Playing The Famous Reversible Golf Course with OnCore

We can count on one hand, the number of reversible golf courses we know. The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland, started it all. The cradle of the game used to be played counter-clockwise (the accepted route) and clockwise, with regularity. Now, the clockwise route is used only on special occasions. Another reversible routing, 36 […]