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OnCore Golf Glove – Red




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OnCore High-Performance Golf Glove – Red

The newest addition to OnCore Golf’s collection of top-quality gear, the OnCore High-Performance Golf Glove is available in both bold red and crisp white colors, left and right-handed, and in five sizes: S, M, ML, L and XL.

Feature’s Include:

• Durable and smooth Cabretta Leather
• Great feel and grip
• Modern styling with snug fit
• OnCore’s featured brand colors, red and white

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Joseph Riedy
Glove is nice quality but would avoid the red color

Dye from inside the glove turned my hand red. I would recommend using traditional white

???0k Glove???

A friend of mine gave me one last year. . He gave me the red one and yes it does bleed through your hand on the 1st round on the 2nd round it wasn't so bad. . I really don't think 0ncore Has done the research to produce a good quality golf golf???
As for the fit. . I wear a large and it just fine. But for the quality of the glove after the 3rd round the stitching started to come apart a little bit and I'll be damn if it didn't start showing wear and tear and that is a damn shame because there glove fits rather nice and looks rather nice.. . I have had better gloves by far. Just wanted to give you my honest opinion of what 0ncore it's trying to throw out there in the glove department. 🤣

Ryan Brooks
Potential for a good glove

When I bought the red oncore golf glove it had a snug fit but felt great. I used it in a good 75+ weather and I recognize some poor quality items. First poor item is the coloring of this glove soaked into my hand. This made the inside of my hand red, it had me worried for a second thinking I got some rash but quickly found out the coloring bled thru the glove and on my skin. For me that is mostly cosmetic but is definitely a inconvenience! Second issue is the quality, after two rounds I already seen tears in the sticking and the grip getting worn out and being more slippery. I loved the quality of this glove at the beginning but for now, Oncore needs to focus on producing better quality and not going cheap.

Paul Fite
Nice Fitting Golf Glove

I wear a medium large golf glove which sometimes fit and sometimes it doesn't but the Oncore golf glove fits well across my hand and great in my fingers

Red Handed

The glove feels great but my hand is mostly died red after every round. May go for the white gloves if I order from Oncore again.