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Elixr Tour Ball

The ELIXR tour ball is the culmination of merging proprietary chemical blends and advanced material elements to create the ultimate golf ball. A unique composite core delivers exceptional Coefficient of Restitution* for the maximum allowable velocity and distance– so fast that the governing bodies sent us a warning letter! Our proprietary polymer mantle infused with high density particles creates enhanced perimeter weighting for exceptional accuracy and control – especially noticeable in windy conditions. And our premium cast urethane cover delivers a soft and pure feel of the club face and gives the ELIXR ultimate greenside control, durability, and unmatched putting performance.

* Coefficient of Restitution is the ratio of the final to initial relative velocity between two objects after they collide.

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An 85 compression rating paired with our cast urethane cover delivers a trampoline effect off the tee with a tremendous soft feel with your scoring clubs.


The highest initial velocity combined with perimeter weighting for accuracy results in the longest, straightest shots possible.


Perimeter weighting for the tightest shot dispersion off the tee and on the fairway; outstanding back spin for great control around the green.

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  • Soft polybutadiene blended core designed for unrivaled velocity.

  • High modulus metal-infused mantle for optimal spin characteristics.

  • Enhanced proprietary urethane formulation for increased durability, touch and feel.



The metal particle-infused mantle delivers actual perimeter weighting that yields a boring trajectory in windy conditions and very tight shot dispersion with all clubs.  Additionally, the ELIXR’s MOI (forgiveness) elevates putting performance.

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Our innovative core composition delivers the highest initial velocity permitted by the USGA (99.84% of the allowable limit).  This translates into achieving maximum distance for all clubs.

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Low driver spin and optimal launch angle yield extreme distance and control off the tee. Conversely, the desired mid to high spin rates allow for drop and stop performance with the scoring clubs.

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The ELIXR has an 85-compression rating.

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Built to satisfy the demands of professional tour players while delivering peak performance for golfers of all skill levels.

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We Made the Hotlist 2019

OnCore has been committed to being the innovators from core to cover since day one and the development of the ELIXR had one goal - to create the best premium tour ball in the industry. The feedback and praise from amateurs to pros was that this was indeed the best ball they had ever played. Truly a “ball that does it all” by all accounts. Having this feedback verified time and time again from pros and customers has been incredible but to be recognized by Golf Digest’s Hot List was the icing on the cake. Validation from players, to industry to the thought leaders is something we are very proud of.

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Conforms with USGA & R&A

ELIXR was especially created to meet both USGA rules and R&A guidelines

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Hot List Winner

Great Golf Ball!
Tony Wright

I played with the ELIXR for the first time last Friday, and I love the golf ball! Great distance and stopping of irons on greens, great feel off the putter face. Shot my best round of the year 76. Very pleased with this golf ball!

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High School Team Ball
Bruce Renfroe, Norman High Golf Coach

Ordered 30 dozen for our team ball this year and look forward to putting it into competition this upcoming weekend! Love this ball.

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Best Ball I've Ever Played
Donnie Thomas

I'm so glad Oncore has given us a golf ball that is affordable, dependable, and will perform regardless of your skill level. It jumps off the driver, and is soft off the putter. If you haven't tried it - you should!

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Rick Brienzi

The OnCore ELIXR is a great Golf Ball, the best! Great distance and feel on the greens. The ball holds up to any marks when hitting a tree. Love them ! Rick B

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Excellent in all areas!

Have played several rounds with this golf ball. It does everything I ask it to do. I have slower swing speed and this ball stops for me on my half wedge shots beautifully. Distance is on par, maybe slightly longer. I highly recommend this golf ball. Try it, you'll love it!

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Great Balls
Chris Petersen

I have enjoyed the new experience with these balls still winter, I can't wait to hit them in the Spring…

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Great Ball!
Alan Meluskey

First time out with the ELIXR from On Core, was a great experience I got about 10 to 15 more yards on average and for me the ball seemed to go straighter. I plan to order more.

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High Quality
Robert Rivera

It is a gift for my wife. She enjoys the play and soft feel. Obviously, the "high visibility" is a big plus.

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Oncore Elixir
Gregory Turnmire

Great ball, long off the driver, very nice feel around the greens

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Awesome ball
Don Turner

Friend gave me a sleeve of the ELIXR to try out and liked them so much bought a few boxes of them. They are longer than any other ball I have tried, roll very true on the greens and the cover also lasts a long time as well. Would highly recommend them.

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