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With headquarters in Buffalo, NY, we’re a cutting edge golf ball technology company with a big heart. We have an entrepreneurial enthusiasm for everything that we do and our mission is to grow the game of golf making it more fun for golfers of all skill levels by bringing you the most innovative high performance golf balls on the market. We are also the first company to offer an entire suite of patented perimeter weighting golf ball designs. This has been done for years in drivers, irons and even putters. OnCore is the first to innovatively incorporate this into our golf ball designs.

At Our Very Core, We Strive to Better Our Best.

With several patents already issued and more on the way, years of research, development efforts and millions of investment dollars, we were able to bring to market the world’s first and only hollow metal core golf ball, the MA-1.0.  We also became only the second company in roughly 100 years to cause the USGA to rewrite the rules governing golf ball construction, paving the way for our hollow metal core golf ball to be deemed USGA conforming.  Because we aren’t the one-trick pony types, we also created the AVANT, a low compression ball with unrivaled distance for golfers wanting a softer feel. We optimized our MA-1.0 to bring a softer and longer version of the most accurate ball on the market due to our hollow metal core technology and called it the Caliber.  And in 2017 we developed and launched what many believe is the best premium tour ball on the planet –the ELIXR. It boasts the highest allowable initial velocity off the tee,  amazing distance, exceptionally tight shot dispersion, and unparalleled stability in windy conditions.  With unique advanced materials and design, the ELIXR provides perimeter weighted (created by our innovative high density particles in the mantle) for spin and accuracy, while providing an outstanding soft feel around the greens which makes it the most complete ball you will ever play. No matter which ball you choose, OnCore Golf balls are best in class and bring greatness to every shot.

Most importantly, it is our steadfast mission to give back and empower golfers around the world of all ages. Team OnCore is closely involved with volunteer coaching and mentoring at our First Tee chapters in Buffalo/Western New York in addition to being featured guest speakers at STEM camps teaching the golfing generations of tomorrow the technology and engineering behind our technology infused golf balls. We also sponsor the International Junior Masters tournament fielding talented young players from around the globe to compete in one of the most prestigious tournaments of the year. In summary, OnCore Golf is always looking to give more in gratitude for the support that we continue to receive from You.

Players Who Use OnCore

Michael Hebert Professional

Al Geiberger

“Mr. 59” 11 PGA Tour Wins

Andy Pope Professional

Liv Winning

European Ladies Professional Golfer

Fulton Allem

3 PGA Tour Wins

Ryan Steenberg

World Long Drive Professional

Jesus Amaya

Top all time winning
Columbian Professional golfer

Tania Tare

Trick Shot Phenom and Professional Golfer

Liam Freidman

Teaching Professional, winner of the 2017 New England PGA Championship

Jason Hellman

PGA of Canada, former Teacher of the Year award winner.

Oncore Timeline

Oncore Logo
November 2011

Co-Founded by Bret Blakely & Steve Coulton


Acquired patents and established manufacturing. OnCore battles USGA and comes out victorious causing them to rewrite the rules governing golf ball construction for 2nd time in 100 years.

January 2013

Launches first and only USGA-conforming hollow-metal-core-ball after numerous challenges and objections from the USGA.

May 2015 CALIBER

The Caliber becomes the most optimized generation of OnCore’s hollow metal core technology with years of research and design covered by three issued patents.

January 2016 Avant

Two of the industry’s most accomplished ball designers join team OnCore and create the AVANT, the gold standard for low compression balls featuring our proprietary Soft Cell technology.

March 2017 ELIXR

OnCore launches its first premium tour ball and it makes the Golf Digest Hot List.

April 2019  GENiUS Ball

OnCore will launch a golf ball that measures shot velocity, spin rate, carry and total distance, trajectory, apex, tells you where you are on the hole and how far you are from the green - and delivers that data to your smartphone within seconds without sacrificing performance.

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