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The OnCore Story – in a nutshell…

We’ve come along way since our early hollow metal core ball hit the market in 2011. The goal behind our initial designs was to push as much weight to the perimeter of the golf ball as we could. You may have heard the term Moment Of Inertia (MOI) as it pertains to drivers and irons. Our team at OnCore was really the first to deploy the concept of a high MOI golf ball.

We learned a lot with those prototype hollow core designs. For starters, the ball was very accurate. This was a plus for a lot of golfers, but the hollow metal core ball also had many deficiencies. It felt hard and was a little short on distance. We knew we had to go back to the drawing board. It was around that time that we attracted an industry heavyweight to the team, John Calabria.

John cut his teeth engineering most of the golf balls you grew up playing, including popular balls by Titleist, Maxfli, Taylormade and more. John was attracted to our out of the box designs and small, talented team of engineers with experience from the nano and advanced materials world, that could build quickly and efficiently without a lot of the corporate red tape.

John quickly improved our designs and ultimately that led to our ELIXR tour ball. A two-time Golf Digest Gold winning tour ball that is unrivaled in price and performance. The ELIXR maintains a high MOI by the addition of dense metal particles on the outside layer (mantle) of the golf ball. Unlike the hollow core design, our ELIXR was softer, accurate and much longer. In other words, we were off to the races and fighting toe to toe with the big guys.

We have recently launched a new tour ball, The VERO X1. Vero meaning “truth” in Latin, we thought a fitting name for a truly disruptive, 4-piece, perimeter-weighted, cast urethane tour ball. Momentum is growing by the day as more and more people discover the benefits of OnCore. Give us a shot, and try one of award winning golf balls for yourself.

About OnCore Golf

Team OnCore is committed to providing customers with the best golf balls in the game. You Just Became a Better Golfer.