Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen playing ELIXR

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen is playing our ELIXR tour ball and rocking the OnCore New Era golf hat. Did you hear he slammed someone through a table on hole 16 at the Waste Management Open? Bills Mafia must have been present.   

DON’T leave these behind on your next golf trip

Unless you’re going to Myrtle Beach or Pinehurst, where discount golf stores lurk nearby, most necessities will cost you a super-extra coin. The more remote the destination, the more likely you’ll be to pay double and even triple your normal cost. Can’t blame the resort; it needs to work its pricing model to stay solvent […]

The Golf Technology Age: We are Driven by Data

With the mass amounts of technology swooping into the golf industry, many swing instructors are relying on data that these units render.  Numbers that provide insight into club distances, ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, and spin rate are extremely vital factors in determining how to create the best golf swing. With the OnRange Experience […]

Long Form Piece on Buying A Golf Ball in 2020

We bumped into a few golfers on New Year’s Day. They smiled at us, in that happy but uncertain way of someone blending optimism with uncertainty. We sat down for a spell, and learned the motivation for their awkward balance of emotions: they wanted to play better golf this year, were happy with their clubs […]

OnCore Golf Partners with Hurricane Junior Golf Tour

Orlando, Fl, – The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour is proud to announce their partnership with OnCore Golf. OnCore is an innovator in golf ball technology developing proprietary core, mantle, and cover architectures along with novel perimeter weighting approaches that deliver outstanding performance in their award-winning golf ball designs.  The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour is the […]

Where’s that golf ball going? John Calabria knows!

Anyone who played golf before the year 2000 no doubt remembers golf balls with rubber bands inside. Cut the soft outer layer with a not-so-sweet iron or wedge shot and the resulting gash opened up the cover, revealing the magical mystery ball of rubber bands inside.  The materials and construction of golf balls have advanced tremendously […]

America’s Roadside Attractions … Plus Golf! Part 1

There is no denying the creativity of our fellow humans, especially when fueled by boundless optimism. How else to explain the myriad roadside attractions that summon travelers from the highways and country roads of America? No matter the season of your travels, an array of memory-makers will beckon. Be sure to pack your golf clubs; for […]

Incredible Golf Course Locations

Your local municipal golf course, heck, your area country club, has nothing on the courses we’ve uncovered across America. After playing any of these layouts, around the corner will be forever mundane. Sorry to break your heart, but the USA is possessed of some layouts that defy explanation. Drooling yet? Let’s go!     Golf […]

Winter Destinations 5: Central America

If you live in the land of ice and snow from November through March, you’ve earned a winter golf getaway. Nothing worse, though, than getting away to rainy-cool to rainy-cold weather. If you’re buying into the respite from the chill, go hard and all the way. We’ve assembled a list of popular, fun, warm & sunny places that are guaranteed […]