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Our new ball: the Vero X1

OnCore Golf is excited to announce the release of its next-generation golf ball, the Vero X1. Building on the recent success of the Avant55 and the Elixr, both award-winning models, the Vero X1 will fill a slot for the golfer who demands certain qualities and results from a premier golf ball.

The Vero X1 is the result of 24 months of research, and lab and outdoor testing. It is a patented, perimeter-weighted design that will be judged the most forgiving tour ball in golf. The Vero X1 will offer an unprecedented combination of lower spin off the driver, with higher launch into greens.

The Vero X1 offers a 4-piece design, with the 4th layer supplying greater feel and control around the greens. Golf balls that supply flatter driver flight, simply do not offer the feel needed for the touch shots, from sand, green-side rough, and the fringe. OnCore Golf points to the cast urethane cover as the responsible party for this optimal feel.

About OnCore Golf

We are committed to making golf better – by delivering high performance golf balls for all skill levels, introducing disruptive technologies to help golfers improve their game, and offering unique golf experiences that engage and entertain.