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OnCore Esports Invitational (PGA Tour 2k21)

Recap of the OnCore Esports Invitational (PGA Tour 2k21) – Check it out…

Team OnCore, we are excited to announce we have completed our first ever OnCore Esports Invitational. It was a huge success and thanks to all those who streamed in live or came out to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester. Participants got to play PGA Tour 2k21 and it was a ton of fun. 

We strive to push our industry into the 21st century, our competitors are not always willing to make the leap, but that creates white space for us to play and innovate in. 

For a recap of our event please tune in here

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Special thanks to the team at Great Lakes Gaming for all the help.

About Steve Coulton

NYU grad, 4 year golf team member (2007)
Speaks Italian
Cofounder OnCore Golf (2011)
Training for Buffalo Marathon to raise money for PGA HOPE which helps our veterans learn the great game of golf (2021)