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OnCore Ambassador: Marisa Messana

Marisa is a professional golfer, Sport Illustrated host, founder of Marigold Elite Partners, and guest speaker.

OnCore Ambassador Marisa Messana is a pro golfer, Sports Illustrated Host and Founder

Marisa’s experience includes over 15 years of training to compete at the highest level of professional golf, while partnering with brands who prioritize optimized technology, innovation and performance. Marisa exudes high performance and shares her solutions to maintaining resilience and human optimization through her notable speaking engagements.

Marisa was the first female student athlete at Clemson to receive the Elite 90 Award at the D1 NCAA National Championship for her 4.0 GPA, and she was inducted into Clemson’s Academic Hall of Fame as, “the most decorated student athlete in Clemson history”.

After finishing her masters, Marisa played professionally full time for 3 years, then launched her Sports Illustrated channel, “Marisa’s Minute.” Marisa shares instructional golf content and memorable golf experiences through her magnetic energy and her dynamic experience competing and coaching.

Check out her episodes on Sports Illustrated: