The ELIXR™ tour ball is built using a triphase architecture that combines proprietary chemical blends and advanced material elements to create the ultimate golf ball. The high Coefficient of Restitution that ELIXR™ achieves has surpassed all expectations and results in outstanding performance.

The ELIXR™ features perimeter weighting to increase the moment of inertia and reduces spin decay to carry the ball further, provide more stable and predictable flight, and a premium urethane cover that delivers amazing short-game feel and performance.


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ELIXR™ is the premier ball for competitive golfers. In a game of inches, ELIXR™ gives you yards of extra distance without compromising feel.

"In 15 years of golf ball testing with tour players, I've never seen anything like it!"
  - Brian McGahey, PGA Tour Rep

The Caliber is the most radical departure from solid rubber construction in nearly 30 years. This ball is ideal for the golfer who puts an emphasis on accuracy. Designed for swing speeds under 100 mph and is our softest version of the hollow metal core technology to date.

The ball features a 392 dimple pattern, an 80 compression, that comes from the unification of our .9 inch hollow metal core and our SoftCell technology around the mantle layer.

We have been optimizing our innovative hollow core technology for several years to be able to offer a product that truly does what it was created to do and will lead to better performance on the course.

As a result of our .9 inch hollow metal core, when the ball is struck you get significant rifle spin while reducing sidespin, allowing the ball to travel along a straight trajectory similar to a bullet leaving the barrel.


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The new OnCore Avant is a low, 65 compression distance ball with SoftCell technology that creates the distance and feel players want off the club face and around the greens. The proprietary chemistry technology incorporated into the core composition combines softness with a high coefficient of restitution, making the Avant "the best low compression ball in golf".

The next generation of golfers want MORE, and that is exactly what OnCore Golf delivers with every one of its innovative golf balls. M.O.R.E. stands for: Maximum performance, Optimal trajectory, Revolutionary technology and Explosive velocity!


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