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new golf ball

new golf ball

The secrets of golf ball compression: Is AVANT 55 or ELIXR right for you?

500 microseconds. That’s the amount of time that a driver clubface compresses a golf ball. No, it’s not a lot of time, but it is a concept that garners a great deal of media attention. Golf ball compression leaves golfers wondering how to determine the best golf ball for them. Sit back and smile, because we are […]

Top Golf Destination 2019 in U.S.A.; #1 Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale Arizona is often regarded as one of the most sought-after golfing destinations in the United States. Why? You may ask. Well, the answer is much more straightforward than one might think. Scottsdale is a hub for business both domestic and international. It also has phenomenal golfing weather during the Springtime with an average temperature […]

OnCore’s Top 5 Golf Courses in the Northeast

Have you ever wondered what the top 5 courses in the North Eastern United States are? If so, you’re in luck. In this post we are going to rank and tell you what makes these courses so great. 1. Pine Valley: This course is often ranked as the best in the country and we are […]

OnCore Golf Behind The Scenes – Palm Springs

Take a quick look at OnCore behind the scenes in Palm Springs. We are shooting some golf tip videos with Al Geiberger also known as Mr. 59! OnCore Golf is the worldwide leader in golf ball technology, and performance. Since 2010, OnCore Golf has been on a mission to make everyone a better golfer! To […]

OnCore Launches Additional Avant and ELIXR Colors and Finishes

Golf Digest Hot List Award Winning Balls Now Even More Visible! OnCore Golf Technology Inc, is excited to announce the launch of its Lime Green Matte ELIXR and AVANT 55 golf balls.   The new Lime Green Matte line offers added visibility, a new finish on the ball and an additional color option to the already […]

Francis Biondi Wins with ELIXR!

Congrats to OnCore Golf Professional Francis Biondi on his latest win with ELIXR! Fun Fact, Francis was a contestant on Top Chef!   The win was on the OGA Tour in Florida where they host mainly 1-day shootout events as a training ground for professional golfers to learn how go low and to Monday Qualify.  […]

The Magic Behind our ELIXR tour ball

 The ELIXR tour ball is the culmination of merging proprietary chemical blends and advanced material elements to create the ultimate golf ball. A unique composite core delivers exceptional Coefficient of Restitution* for the maximum allowable velocity and distance– so fast that the governing bodies sent us a warning letter!   Our proprietary polymer mantle infused […]

2017 Interview Series: Bret Blakely & Steve Coulton Of Oncore Golf

2017 Interview Series: Bret Blakely & Steve Coulton Of Oncore Golf Posted by Mo’Golf | Jan 9, 2017 | The new Buffalo, the one that outlasted the surges and recessions of the past 25 years, could not be better exemplified nor represented than with OnCore Golf. A local brings a friend to town, they develop a company concept, utilize the […]

Why Accuracy Matters…

We all know intuitively that accuracy is tantamount to a well played round of golf. The habitual scramblers out there may disagree, but you’re certainly a minority. Most of us mere mortals that end up in the tree’s might as well post the double bogey or possibly worse before we even hit the green. Figure […]

Is low compression right for you?

A customer wrote in asking why a 65 compression ball would be good for a high swing speed like his? We put the question to our handy dandy engineer, here is his response; “Low compression does not mean distance is impaired anymore.  Core chemistry is such that we can make a soft core without giving […]