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VERO X1 – EXP – Special Edition




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We’ve engineered and designed a ball unlike any other in the market.

Using a proprietary formulation and manufacturing process, along with a high modulus, metal-infused mantle, the VERO X1 features enhanced perimeter-weighting, that results in the highest allowable velocity off the club face and distance that has to be seen to be believed.

Incorporating a nano-engineered transition layer to manage the interface between the mantle and a thin cast urethane cover, the VERO X1 delivers spin, control, and feel unlike any other ball. The VERO X1 will take even the best golfer’s game to an entirely new level.

Golf Ball Design
  • 4-piece design
  • Cast Urethane premium cover for an optimal feel
  • Perimeter Weighted Technology
  • 80-84 Compression 
Golf Ball Features
  • Built for intermediate or advanced players
  • Low driver spin for optimal distance & control
  • Enhanced perimeter weighting for accuracy and control
Independent Testing
VERO X1 Golf Ball


Thin cast urethane cover for great responsive spin around the greens.

Large inner mantle for enhanced perimeter-weighted, high MOI design. This creates faster ball speeds with tighter shot dispersion patterns off the tee.

Thin nano-layer under the cover rounds out this 4 piece design, offering the ultimate combination of distance, feel and control.

How it Plays on the Course


Lower spinning creates phenomenal ball speeds.


Slightly firmer feel.

In the Wind

Penetrating ball flight in the wind.


Great spin combined with control and feel.


The longest ball we produce.


Slightly firmer feel.


Highly accurate due to added MOI and dense metal-infused mantle.

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DriverLow SpinLow SpinLow Spin
WedgeHigh SpinMedium SpinHigher Spin
LaunchLow to MidHighMid to Low

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