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AVANT 55 Golf Boost Pre-Launch Bundle

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2 Dozen AVANT 55 & Golf Boost AI subscription
(1 Year App Subscription $60 Value)
Total Package Value of $108 for only $39.99
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Buy 2 Dozen AVANT 55 Get 1 yr Golf Boost Subscription!
Total package value of $108 for only $39.99!

Bundle Pre-Launch Details

Golf Boost App with AVANT 55 Bundle | Total package value of $108 for only $39.99!


2 dozen AVANT 55 (a $48 value)
1 year Golf Boost AI subscription (a $60 value)
Total package value of $108 for only $39.99
Free shipping included (US only)

For a Limited Time Only!



Golf Boost AI is the most advanced and innovative swing analysis platform available through a mobile app. The app aims to helps golfers of all skill levels improve their swing anywhere and immediately at a very low cost. Utilizing proprietary patented Artificial Intelligence technology, the app recognizes a golfer’s swing key positions, compares them to a Universal AI swing methodology and triggers personalized instructional video along with drills to improve the user’s game.

Subscribers simply film and upload their golf swing for analysis and receive a personalized lesson within seconds. Lessons are delivered to the user through an instructional, corrective and personalized series of videos. Users can then share and track progress with golfing friends through the app’s social network. 


+ Artificial intelligence algorithms trigger a golf lesson in seconds
+ Proprietary video recognition technology identifies body positions 
+ Instant video feedback and swing analysis
+ Engaging social network where users can share and track their progress with other golfers
+ Extremely low cost in comparison to real world golf lessons
Proprietary Patented Technology: Patent No. US10,373,520
+ Unlimited scalability
+ Unlimited teaching systems

New from Golf Boost and OnCore Golf!

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