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The ELIXR combines original chemistry blends with advanced material elements to create a high performance tour ball. Our unique polybutadiene core delivers exceptional coefficient of restitution (CoR) for maximum velocity and distance. With our proprietary polymer mantle infused with high density particles for enhanced perimeter weighting, the ELIXR delivers exceptional accuracy and control. A premium cast urethane cover delivers a soft, pure feel off the club face and gives the ELIXR great greenside control, durability and first class performance.

Golf Ball Awards
  • Gold Digest Gold 2020
  • Gold Digest Gold 2019
  • Golfer’s Authority Highest Rating Ever 9.8
Golf Ball Construction
  • • 3-Piece Design
  • • Cast Urethane Cover
  • • 318 Dimple Pattern
  • • 80 Compression
Golf Ball Features
  • • Built for intermediate or advanced players
  • • Low driver spin for optimal distance & control
  • • Enhanced perimeter weighting for accuracy and control
Golfer Profile

Prefers tour quality ball without the tour price tag.

ELIXR - Golf Ball - Overview
VERO X1 Golf Ball


Our ELIXR tour ball is a 2X Golf Digest Gold award-winning ball. Our unique perimeter-weighted design allows for a piercing ball flight that is extremely stable in cross winds.

Enhanced perimeter weighting that provides exceptional accuracy and control. Features our proprietary polymer mantle infused with high-density particles.

Noted by MYGOLFSPY for being one of the lowest compression tour balls (80) that didn’t lose ball speed, you get the best of both worlds – a premium soft feel, matched with incredible distance.

How it Plays on the Course


 Low spin and low launch makes the ELIXR great off the Driver. 


Responsive feel, softer off the driver but not too soft, and great grip around the greens.

In the Wind

One of the best balls in the wind, it is less affected, thanks to high MOI design.


Mid-launch point with great spin into the green.


Long off the tee with penetrating ball flight.


Soft pure feel off the putter.


Stable in crosswinds and on miss-hits due to perimeter weighted design and high MOI.

Compare Golf Balls

ELIXR - Dozen Golf Balls - White
AVANT 55 - Dozen Golf Balls - White
VERO X1 - Dozen Golf Balls - White
Cover Cast Urethane Soft Suryln Cast Urethane
Construction 3-Piece 2-Piece 4-Piece
Driver Low Spin Low Spin Low Spin
Wedge High Spin Medium Spin Higher Spin
Launch Low to Mid High Mid to High
Feel Soft Softer Firmer

Ball Fitting

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Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
David Hammons
Great ball

My son and I made the switch several years ago and continue to convert our playing partners. The best ball, great off the tee and real feel and softness on putts.

Robert Hynes
This is a great softer ball

As an older golfer I have found that I have lost a lot of distance with all my clubs. This ball helps me to regain some of those lost yards. Feels great around the green too

Rudy Martinez
Elixr golf ball

Is by far the best golf I've hit in a long time. Gain 30 yards off the tee. I would recommend this ball. Thanks OnCore

Jason Dodge
Excellent playing ball

Ball has great feel and control. Found it to play very well during my short game, nice spin to hold greens. Nice quality ball, no issues during the rounds I have played with the ELIXR.

Charlie Brawley
Great Golf Ball

Can’t beat them for the price


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