Golf Tips with Travis Fulton

Travis Fulton has emerged as a leading teacher and instructional voice in the golf industry. After several successful years with Golf Channel where he was a key instructional host for programs such as “On The Range” and “Morning Drive,” Fulton has focused recent efforts on developing his own media platform and content via the @travisfultongolf Instagram account. He is also a regular contributor to Golf Digest and PGA TOUR Entertainment. Prior to launching his own golf academies and online businesses, Fulton served as Director of Instruction at famed TPC Sawgrass.

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Off Season Golf Tip #1


In this first video, Travis gives us insight into the dynamics of the grip. Being the foundational part of the swing, Travis provides specific checkpoints for the grip to set your game up for success.

Off Season Golf Tip #2

Driver Set-Up

Having proper set up is crucial to every golf swing, and Travis here gives in an in-depth analysis of proper driver set up. Making small changes in posture and alignment is all you need to start stripping it down the middle of the fairway.

Off Season Golf Tip #3

Fairway Wood

The most common mistake for fairway wood is an improper takeaway. In this video, Travis provides simple steps to create a proper takeaway to improve contact not only with the fairway wood but throughout the whole bag.

Off Season Golf Tip #4

The Pitch Shot

Having a killer short game is crucial to shooting great scores, and here Travis gives us great insight into proper techniques to the simple medium trajectory pitch shot with spin.

Off Season Golf Tip #5

High and Low Pitch Shot

In this video, Travis shows the proper set-up and techniques on how to hit high and low pitch shots. Whether you are a 25 handicapper or a scratch golfer, these techniques will help anyone transform their game.

Off Season Golf Tip #6

Impact Position

Impact Fix! In this video, Travis gives a drill that will help you obtain a proper impact position, increasing your ability to hit the center of the face.

Off Season Golf Tip #7

Post Impact Position

A continuation from the prior lesson, this video gives insight into the post-impact position, allowing for a better spine extension to create better clubface control through the shot.

Off Season Golf Tip #8

The Backswing

Travis gives us insight on how to increase depth in the backswing, which will yield increased distance with all clubs in the bag.

Off Season Golf Tip #9


Proper alignment and posture are crucial to excellent putting. Travis here shows us the keys to what he looks for in proper putter set-up.

Off Season Golf Tip #10

What’s Your Stroke

With putting being extremely individualized, Travis gives you 3 different putting strokes for you to pick, which will allow you to find your feel and inevitability make more putts.


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