Razor-Sharp Accuracy. Second to None.

Your search for accuracy ends with the Caliber. Reversing a 30 year tradition of solid rubber core construction, the Caliber is built around patented hollow-metal core technology that was so innovative, it caused the USGA to rewrite the Rules as they pertain to allowable ball construction.

With a 392 dimple pattern, our SoftCell mantle layer technology, and our unique 0.900 inch hollow metal core, we’ve optimized our design to bring forth a product that does exactly what it was created to do – produce significant rifle spin while reducing side spin, allowing the ball to travel along a straight trajectory – akin to a bullet leaving the barrel. And straighter is longer!


An 80 compression ball – our softest metal core product yet.


Great distance for low to medium swing speeds.


Exceptional spin properties both off the tee and around the green.

  • This Caliber is ideal for the golfer who puts an emphasis on accuracy, and is designed for swing speeds under 100 mph. This is a softer version of the original MA-1.0 hollow metal core golf ball.

  • 80 compression, with a 392 soft surlyn dimple pattern

  • .9 inch hollow metal core surrounded by our SoftCell technology

Conforms with USGA & R&A

CALIBER was especially created to meet both USGA rules and R&A guidelines

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Razor Sharp Accuracy

OnCore golf balls...
a good buy
Roger Williams

Thought the CALIBER Ball was a good option for me. Gabe me a bit more distance, but traded off a softer touch around the greens. Once I run through my current ball supply, will once again purchase these balls.

Great Deal
Jerry Schmitt

Great ball for the money comparable to Pro V1x will be playing this ball this summer.

Great Surprise
Charles Ballard

The contour ball has a great sound and feel off the driver, good spin with the irons and a great soft feel with the putter. I'm sold.

On Core Caliber Ball
Richard Cox

Great response off the driver and control around the greens. Competes with any top of the line ball at a lower price point. Really good feel on putts. Recommend that you give it a go.

William High

First time out with OnCore golf ball: Good distance with all my clubs, including wedges, Carried a few yards longer off the T compared to other brands, Soft sound off the putter.

Best Move
Steven Brown

That ball is really nice and had my friends mouths wide open seeing the distance and controlling of the ball, 1st time ever having 5 birdies in a row.

Caliber golf balls
James Lea

I have enjoyed playing with the OnCore golf balls. I don't slice the ball as bad and the feel around the greens is great.

Nice Ball
Lyman Goff

I found hitting the ball provided great results...would recommend to anyone...great service as well.

Straight hitter
Brian Blackmore

Good feel around the greens, definitely hitting further and straighter.

Windy Golf
Darrel B Dyer

Good ball for playing in the wind seems to hold line better than most.

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