Golf Tips with Alex Riggs

OnCore Golf and Alex Riggs collaborate on an offseason Golf program for any golfer looking to improve their golf game by putting in work while the weather may be keeping you indoors. Whether you are a beginner or a scratch golfer this course will give you multiple tips to improve your golf game with solid off-season tips. Alex Riggs is a Canadian born Golf Coach who is currently based in Dubai, UAE. Having spent a majority of the last 15 years working under some of the best names in the industry, Alex has developed a strong stable of players around the world. He now travels regularly for private clients and tournaments on the European Tour.

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Off Season Golf Tip #1

Off-Season Golf Tips - Putting Plan of Attack

Golf Practice is shifting Indoors and in this Tip Video Alex talks about identifying a plan of attack on how you can get things into place for next season. Starting with Putting, and into eye positions, Alex shows us how to get back into square alignment and to look for your tendencies and find your secret to putting.

Off Season Golf Tip #2

Off-Season Golf Tips - Distance Control Putting

In this video, Alex keeps up with Off-Season Productivity and focuses on Distance Control Putting. As well as, the adaptation of putting different distances, during this easy putting drill.

Off Season Golf Tip #3

Off-Season Golf Tips - Putting Constants and Variables

In this video, Alex talks about diving into your Short Game and focuses on the Constants and variables, of what needs to be kept the same and then opportunities to change things. Putting is built up of more constants than variables. This video is based around how to be sure your constants are correct.

Off Season Golf Tip #4

Off-Season Golf Tips - Putting Stroke

In this video Alex takes a look at putting stokes and provides a few simple tips on how you can improve your putting game.

Off Season Golf Tip #5

Off-Season Golf Tips - Putting Patterns

In this video, Alex Riggs teaches about putting stroke tendencies and gives a few tips on how to remove poor tendencies that are raising your score.

Off Season Golf Tip #6

Off-Season Golf Tips - Get Your Game Back On Track

Getting back to where you want to be. After a long golf season your golf game could end where you didn't want it to. The offseason is the perfect time to get everything back on track.


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