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Loyalty – it represents a two-way commitment and OnCore is very pleased to offer our repeat customers some significant benefits for being a continuing part of our journey and our success.

We are introducing a tiered program – from Par to Birdie to Eagle to Albatross - that rewards you not just for what you’ve purchased recently, but for your entire lifetime of involvement with Team OnCore.  

As you continue to spend, you’ll achieve increased benefits including higher discounts on ALL of your purchases, expanded opportunities to participate in OnCore experiences, and some pretty nice (and free) bonuses.

Best of all, once you’ve achieved a new level in the program – YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK.

That’s our loyalty to you.  

We’re excited to have you join us as a customer and the more you spend with us, the more you will save in the future.  No need to wait for sales or promotions – as a Loyalty VIP program member, you will always receive special pricing.  It’s our thanks for your vote of confidence; something we take very seriously and hope to earn with each and every purchase you make.

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