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OnCore Golf is a technology-driven golf ball company delivering continuous innovation with a vision to create a new paradigm in the golf ball world. Our steadfast mission is to infuse fun and enjoyment into an amazing sport by introducing game-changing technology that allows golfers to play better.


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A unique composite core delivers the maximum allowable velocity and distance– so fast that the governing bodies sent us a warning letter! The proprietary polymer mantle infused with high density particles creates enhanced perimeter weighting for exceptional accuracy and control. And its premium cast urethane cover delivers a soft and pure feel off the club face and gives the ELIXR ultimate green-side control, durability, and unmatched putting performance.

What people are saying about OnCore Golf

“I’ve led my former team to a National Championship and after 17 years of coaching Pepperdine University, the ELIXR golf ball is hands down the best ball in the game today and something I would order for my entire team.”


“I’ve yet to play a ball that has the versatility of the ELIXR OnCore golf ball. The ball is extremely hot coming off the driver face and has given me more ball speed, but it has an extremely soft touch around the greens to execute any type of shot that I may need. I’m excited to put the ball in tournament play.”

Michael Hebert | web.com Professional and US Open Contestant

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