Unique Golf Experiences Around the World

Attracting millennials into the golf world has been a major problem over the past couple of years. Golf courses have to walk a fine line of adapting to the wants of the millennials, but also keeping the older generations happy by keeping the traditional elements of the game. Changes such as a fun restaurant in the club house with good music and drinks or technology improvements such as golf carts with wifi and gps built in will bring in younger crowds without changing the experience too much. Having said that, some courses have implemented unique features that will bring in people of all ages to come play on the course without having to change the traditional experience of golf.

Here are some of the most unique courses and holes that have drawn attention from golfers of all ages:


The 19th Hole at Legend Golf and Safari Resort


This 19th hole is only accessible by helicopter due to the fact the tee box is around 400 meters above the green that is the shape of Africa. Golfers come from all over to attempt this bonus hole at Legend Golf and Safari Resort in South Africa, one of them being 2008 Open Champion Padraig Harrington who is the first person to ever shoot par on this hole. The average ball takes 20 seconds to land on this hole, giving you plenty of time to take in the view on your follow through.


Don Mueang International Airport Golf Course


 Have you ever been at the airport and notice all of the open area around the runway? Well the owners of an airport in Thailand had that thought and decided to put a golf course in the extra area. Noise might be a slight problem with the airplanes landing right next to you, but it sure is a sight to see.


Le Touessrok Golf Course


 If you enjoy a course with beautiful scenery this may be the course for you. Located on its own island off the coast of the resort, this course has 18 holes, each with its own ocean view. Just take the shuttle boat over from the resort and enjoy your round on the beautiful island golf course.


Coeur D’Alene Golf Resort – The Floating Green –


 For the most part, The Coeur D’Alene Golf is your average course located in Idaho, until you get to the Par-3 on the 14th hole. This par three is known as the famous floating green, where you take a shuttle ride from the tee box across the lake to the floating green that is surrounded by water. The green is able to be moved as well by a system of cables, allowing the course to change the distance of the green every day.


Brickyard Crossing


 The people of Indiana love their motor sports, so why not put a golf course in one of the most famous race tracks, The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This course put 4 of its holes in the middle of the race track, creating a memorable experience for any motor sport fan.