Top Ten Topgolf Moments

My first visit to Topgolf in Scottsdale was a lot of fun. I thought I would highlight my top 5 favorite aspects of the facility, followed by my top 5 complaints…because it’s important to be balanced in life 🙂

  1. Beer before I even launched my first ball. So the bar when you walk in was a great way to kill time waiting for my buddy Jason Keesling to arrive. IPA on tap a major plus (minus 1 for a limited craft beer selection)
  2. Flow– no lines and I had my card and was swooshed off to a reservation booth where my hitting bay was assigned and then chaperoned to my location…nice job folks!
  3. Targets seemed to work pretty well, games functioned smoothly… for the most part, and I was beating Jason!
  4. Lighting- arriving at dusk, the facilities lights began to turn on and targets were illuminated..I heard on fridays a DJ plays and the holes light up to the sound of music…that would have been cool to see!


5. Service– wait staff and managers were very accommodating and courteous


Jason missed another target ...
Jason missed another target …


Remaining 5 areas could use a little TLC. A few of these points may seem to contradict above, so I will try to explain where the issues were.

6. Ground control to major….Our first booth was assigned on the ground floor. This made it hard to see if the balls landed in their target zone- being on the second or third floor probably would have been more fun and worth the wait

7. Houston we have a problem….system malfunctioned and manager needed to move us to a new booth- had to wait 15 minutes or so for engineer to fix the issue. Bonus, the manager credited us an extra free hour of play!


8.  Go in your hole…. “I hit the target and it didn’t register..?” there were a few hits that didn’t register…maybe 90-95% accurate in my opinion…but Jason claimed 70%..he was also losing pretty bad so take it for what it’s worth.

9.  Price check me mate…a little on the pricey side for the budget conscious golfer. I think it was $45 an hour…not many people seemed to mind though

10. Ending on a positive note- hitting range balls and being focused on targets 100% of the time was a unique experience for me…the gamification of golf will turn what could easily be an unfocused practice session into laser focused practice session. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some great golfers coming out of these facilities in years to come…

Great View