About Us -

OnCore Golf was formed by two young entrepreneurs – Bret Blakely and Steve Coulton – who thought that making the game of golf more enjoyable through innovative products like a hollow metal core golf ball was a great idea!   OnCore was the first venture for both of them, but they had a great network of advisors and supporters, including a world class advanced materials engineer (Doug DuFaux), an experienced venture investor and technology company founder (Keith Blakely), and several others.  After the first few years of product development, customer feedback, and performance optimization, industry notables and investment leaders from around the country joined Team OnCore!

The Caliber golf ball is the product of years of R&D work covered by three issued patents and a lot of trade secret know-how, with millions of investment dollars behind the technology. It is the 4th generation of OnCore’s product optimization work (following the Omen, EVO and MA-1.0 balls) and currently the only ball employing a hollow metal core.  There is no other ball in the world that can offer the same performance benefits to golfers, and despite numerous challenges and objections, the ball was deemed “conforming” by the USGA. We have also added two of the industry’s most accomplished ball designers and they built us the Avant which is now the gold standard for low compression 2 pc balls.  It is a 65 compression ball that features our proprietary Soft Cell technology. Our third and most anticipated ball to date is our official tour ball that we are calling the OnCore ELIXR. With this addition, we will have a true suite of innovative, high performance golf balls for players of all skill levels!

OnCore’s mission is to infuse fun and enjoyment into an amazing sport, while continuing to introduce game changing technology and products that remain within the Rules of golf. We want to build a community – Team OnCore – and invite you to join us on this journey.  You will not be disappointed.

Bret Blakely - Vice President, Co-Founder

Bret went to Canisius College in Buffalo, NY where he graduated with a B.A. in Communications and a minor in marketing/advertising. Bret, being told he was always so outgoing realized that every kind of business needs someone who can communicate with others effectively.

He has always been drawn to creative interests and was fascinated by his marketing and advertising classes which prompted the minor in those fields. Bret has worked for several international advertising agencies.

In his time there he began his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding OnCore Golf with Steve. His creative branding and marketing talents are what has shaped the vision for OnCore and helped them develop their own image and stand out from the competition. Favorite business book is “Blue Ocean Strategy” where the message is don’t swim in the red sea of competition but rather make them irrelevant by creating your own Blue Ocean strategy.

Steve Coulton - Vice President, Co-Founder

Steve graduated from New York University in 2007, completing his B.A. in Economics and Minor in Italian studies. He spent a semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy and became fluent in Italian. He was a 4 year starter on the Men’s Varsity Golf team and his crowning achievement came when he won tryouts as a freshman and eagled his final hole. His playing career has been downhill ever since.

After graduating from NYU, Steve began his professional career in Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank. In 2009 he left the bank and poured his passion into building OnCore Golf. OnCore combines his entrepreneurial spirit with his love for golf.

Steve has traveled extensively abroad, volunteering in Cambodia and Laos and has worked with the Burmese refugee population while living in Buffalo, NY. His goal is to make OnCore a huge success so he can help others in need.

Douglas Dufaux - Chief Technologist

Mr. DuFaux is one of the inventors of the hollow metal core ball with over 20 years of experience in product and process development, manufacturing, engineering, customer relationships, and intellectual property.  Mr. DuFaux is a Licensed Professional Engineer and has earned a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, with his PE testing taken in the Chemical Engineering discipline. DuFaux’ s professional specialty is commercializing products, from down selecting laboratory concepts to process and product development to engineering through manufacturing hand-off and early stage manufacturing.  He currently holds 12 issued U.S. Patents, 10 additional pending patents, has been published in peer-reviewed journals, and has written over 50 detailed reports on engineering items.