The Omen Arrives At Turner Hill Country Club

I am very fortunate to have an uncle who golfs, happens to like me and, to top it off, belongs to Turner Hill Country Club in Ipswich, Massachusetts. What a phenomenal course! It reminds me of Hudson National Country Club in Croton, NY, with its elevated tee shots and never ending vistas. The course architects Hurdzon and Fry are two talented individuals!

 Hole #11- highest point on the property at 271 feet above sea level 

Turner Hill certainly got the better of me and my golf game, but when your on grass this nice…who gives?!  I did turn my round around, somewhat, on the back nine. It usually takes me a good nine holes to warm up.  If only you could start keeping score on the back nine…hmmmm – Memo to USGA:  Please get on this!


Hole #9 with the clubhouse in background 

The country club and adjacent Elizabethan mansion are a site to behold.  When approaching hole # 9 from the elevated tees above, you feel like you’re on top of the world.

                                                                               Hole #9 Green

How the hell did I miss this birdie putt? The hole started out great- I hit gap wedge from 130 yards to 5 feet using my trusty companion The Omen (if you look close you can see the divot! this was not staged 🙂 ) Instead of posing I should have been reading the damn break! Til next time Turner Hill, you may have won this battle but I will be back (possibly with a GPS guided Omen….).