The Golfer’s Diet

Could what you eat, help you play a better round of golf?

When we think of ways to improve our golf game we think of getting the best clubs money can buy or working on our swing at the driving range.  However, what if what we eat can help improve our golf game?  Here are some tips for a better diet, and a better round of golf.

Before Heading Out to the Golf Course

Your game starts before you even lace up your golf shoes.  You will be spending about 4 hours out on there and you will need sustained energy.  You can get these by eating a low glycamemic meal.   This includes eating dairy foods, lentils, fruits, high-fiber bran that are all easily digested.  By doing so, you will have sustained energy to prevent that mental & physical low we get with hunger pangs.


While out there.

When you are packing your golf bag with extra tees and golf balls, add some extra snacks to it.  While out on the golf course, eat every two hours.  Nuts or raisins are a great energy source and are easy to pack in your golf bag!


Raisins are a great source of energy while out on the course!


Make sure you have enough water or sports drinks like Powerade or Energade to quench your thirst. Sports drinks are better than water, because they contain fluids, carbohydrates and electrolytes. Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before your round. Otherwise, have a good healthy breakfast before your tee-off.


Make sure to stay hydrated out there!


After the round of golf

Before drinking alcoholic drinks after your round, make sure you’ve recovered your sugar levels by eating a sandwich and drinking a non-caffeinated soft drink. Alcohol reduces your blood sugar level and dehydrates you. It also delays the healing process, so if you’re injured, rather stay away from the 19th hole.


What are some healthy diet tips you follow? Feel free to share in the comment section!