Charles Crum left the following 5 star review for the product AVANT (1 Dozen):

Going Long

Imagine this Windy City golf and I bring out this strange named ball while the guys all played with the big brand balls. The first tee twenty yards longer with a 135 shot in. I hit the next shot fat but I got a wonderful bounce and up right next to flag, this continued through the whole day I won by 7 stokes and never lost a ball and took the other three sleeves and handed them out to the guys. This is a special ball...

Charles Clements left the following 5 star review for the product CALIBER (1 Dozen):


I played 18 holes yesterday, and what a difference using these balls. I had so many one putts yesterday it was amazing!!!!!! Putts range from 3 inches (if it did not roll up and hit the flag stick, I WOULD HAD A HOLE IN ONE) to 12 feet. The ball ran so smooth long and true on over bounce greens. I was AMAZED!!!!!!! My drive was so long !!! and around the greens was Great!!!!!!! I would recommend you get used to the balls. With some of my shots, I had to drop down a club but by the 4 hole I was getting use to the balls.

Art Christy left the following 5 star review for the product CALIBER (1 Dozen):

Casual Golfing

As a casual golfer, I have never scored lower than 100. I saw an infomercial on a local channel and decided to give these balls a try. I purchased a dozen of each to see if I would notice a difference from the Pro V1 and Calloway balls I currently use. On the first tee, my golfing buddies asked about the balls I was using. My very first swing went over 20 yards further than I usually hit a driver and the straightest shot ever! By the end of the day, not only did I break 100, but I shot an 86 and never lost one ball! This is an amazing product and I will not tell any of my casual golfing buddies how good these balls really are.

Anthony Fontana left the following 5 star review for the product CALIBER (1 Dozen):

Amazing golf ball!

Just had the pleasure of playing the Caliber for the first time. Truly an amazing golf ball. Comes off the club smoothly with laser like direction. Miss hit shots still carry a great distance. Hit more GIR than ever before. Never had a golf roll more smoothly and accurate when putting. I'm selling all my Callaway SuperSoft golf balls and buying more of these or the Avant (another great golf ball). I cannot see me playing another golf ball. I will be a Customer for as long as these golf balls are sold.


More Testimonials

"I love your golf balls. First time I play one 350 yard par 4 Driver sand wedge and I putt. Been hooked ever since" - John M.

"OnCore Golf I had my doubts, but one round, one ball, one under. Amazing ball..." - Martin P.

"First the OnCore MA 1.0 is long-without making actual distance measurements my opinion is it may be the longest ball off the tee I have ever played.. Certainly in the top two or three. Secondly, the hollow metal core construction does as advertised reduce side spin which helped my tendency to hook the ball." - Ed Travis

"I played the ball over the weekend and loved them. I am 57 years old and a 10 handicap and have been playing golf over 45 years. I hit them about 5-10 yards further and a little straighter than my ProV1 golf balls! The added distance and accuracy was a big plus. I was hitting 7-8 irons into par 4's that I usually hit 6 iron or hybrids into." - Steve C.

"WOW! These balls came off my club like a cannon. I was averaging 299 with my Driver. When I hit this ball it not only came off the club like a cannon shot, but sounded that way too. It also flew dead straight, but if I wanted to try to shape the shot the ball reacted to that as well. I got the ball to dance and spin on the greens too and loved the general ball flight. I didn't think they were going to be able to compare to the Srixon S-Star XV that I am currently playing, but they did and WOW -- I liked the way they reacted to the clubs." - Jeremy B.