Taking the Omen to the Atlantic…Screw Irene


Can you guess what beautiful golf course I am on? I will give you one hint…it’s on a long long island


                                  The Range – Atlantic Country Club, Bridgehampton, NY

If you guessed the historic Atlantic Country Club, in Bridgehampton NY, congratulations you are correct- a true golf junky! I will be even more impressed if you figured out how to get on to this private country club. I have heard rumors membership dues can exceed $500,000…yikes.

Although I never had the opportunity to play the course, I did get the chance to meet the venerable Rick Hartmann, PGA Director of Golf and the Superintendent Bob Ranum. The course condition, from my view on the range, was immaculate (props to Bob).  I met Rick at the range so we could let loose on some drives and test out the all new Omen.


                              Director of Golf Rick Hartmann and Assistant Pro demo The Omen.

Rick had some pretty high tech equipment on hand, measuring swing speed, launch angle, carry, distance with roll and smash factor. I was pretty blown away by the technology and how a camera and a computer could measure all that info from one fixed location behind the ball.

Click on this video link I shot- OnCore Visits Atlantic CC  -as the assistant pro demos the Omen.  The sound is not great (was taken from my phone) but if you listen closely you can here the Pro talking about his “smash” factor being through the roof!!  I am still not quite sure what that means, but I think its good! The results were good and we had some time to take The Omen to the putting green and watched the smooth roll of our perimeter weighted ball.

 All in all a wonderful experience and I look forward to seeing Rick and Bob again in the future and maybe even teeing it up next time.


                                                          The Clubhouse at Atlantic CC