Social Media Changing Golf?

In an era where social media is ubiquitous, we are curious here at OnCore as to the extent Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are changing the game, or changing how it’s played- if at all. Let’s have a look at Rory McIlroy’s social media presence. A quick glance of his twitter feed shows a total of 2,637 tweets, and 1.93M followers. He is fairly active and personal with his page. His life is an open book, at least in appearance, and each post is subject to a torrent of praise or folly.




His social media presence makes his personal relationships that much more public.  Rory’s recent split from Caroline Wozniacki is handled in a new fashion. His fans have followed the relationship as both Rory and Caroline are active on social media providing juicy details into their life as superstar athletes. It didn’t help that Rory was rumored to have split via text messaging but nonetheless millennials have grown up in a completely new era, where technology influences them in many ways we can’t possibly understand at this point. And of course it’s not just limited to millennials as every mom, dad and grandfather is now on Facebook.



This trail of good times and hard times, an era where fans have more access than ever, could it be changing golf attitudes and scores? With the camera always on, maybe younger players are growing up more immune to the pressures of the media. Heck they’ve had their own form of media on them since birth, every move, for better or worse documented for all the world to see. Maybe the crop of kids playing college golf who move on to the tour will be more adept at handling the pressure of crowds and cameras on the course. Or maybe the pressure is too much for some/most and it prematurely forces them out of the game of golf, for fear of looking stupid on their friends youtube page? Although I suppose we are all going to look stupid on someone’s youtube page, or already have, at some point in our lives-maybe it’s not that big of a deal afterall. The dichotomy between older generations who typical value personal privacy and the younger generations who seem to have no problem airing their dirty laundry for all the world to see is quite fascinating. It’s hard to avoid media these days, even those who just want to move out to a farm and live out their lives in peace, hitting golf balls off their porch,  could have their neighbor’s son’s new toy drone flying overhead recording the days activities 🙂

When social media morphs into the lens of your contacts or glasses and you can now record your golf game in real time, will this impact your play? Maybe you can upload your round to the cloud where a squad of geeks can crunch your numbers and provide a customized round overview with tips and pointers for your next time out? Facebook, tweet, or instagram us with your comments please 🙂