Ride that Train!

“Come on, ride the train, woo woo, hey
Ride it, woo woo”

The journey out to the Hampton’s began Memorial day, on the Long Island Railroad Express train, our balls were present, we were not- go figure!

The EVO – official ball of the Long Island Railroad Express Train to the Hamptons

Train Shot

Mommy we're off to the races!

It turns out the EVO was a big hit and we we’re asked by our colleagues at  KC You There to be the official ball sponsor for the upcoming Hampton’s Golf Classic on June 24th.  The Hampton’s Classic features celebrities from all walks of life, Hampton’s socialites (I can’t wait to meet Paris Hilton), wannabe golf celebrities (Team OnCore :)) and many more characters. It’s going to be a blast and we’re looking forward to sharing our adventure along the way!

Hampton's Pony Express

OnCore Golf- Official Ball Sponsor of the Hampton's Golf Classic

The Hampton’s Golf Classic raises money for a number of notable charities and our team will be visiting the Stony Brook  Children’s Hospital, where we will be putting with the kids, in addition to creating a live  interactive painting. We will keep you posted with plenty of photos- thanks for the support!