Recruiting Interns for Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

 Team OnCore

We are OnCore Golf, a startup company based in Buffalo, New York, on the verge of launching a revolutionary high technology golf ball. We are seeking a creative business development intern to help prepare the company for a national launch in the spring of 2012. Interns will be collaborating with celebrity personalities, professional athletes, and business leaders to help create visibility ahead of the big launch.

Roberto Clemente Jr. and Temryss Lane 

OnCore recently moved into brand new offices at the Innovation Center and Interns will benefit from the community of entrepreneurs, Nobel Laureates, mad scientists, engineers, and hackers that frequently roam into and out of our offices.

We have a variety of projects and exciting opportunities we would like to see our Interns engaged in; Social media is all the rage these days and OnCore has made it a priority to engage new and existing customers through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, FourSquare and more. Okay Echo Boomers here is your chance to WOW us with your social networking savvy. We want unique approaches to engage the community of golfers dying to get their paws on our balls. Interns will also help brainstorm and create daily blog posts, webisodes, press releases, tweets and more.  Advertising and marketing initiatives will be key themes surfacing in your internship. How do you leverage and create opportunities for the company with a limited budget? Heck, how do you do it for free?

 Warren Sapp, Bret Blakely & Ruben Brown 

We want your time here to be rewarding and intellectually stimulating. We want to put you to work on projects that engage your passions, desires and wildest dreams. If you’re happy with us and were happy with you there is always the possibility of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; a job and equity in a startup do not need to be reserved for Silicon Valley. So come join us at OnCore and we’ll have a seat all warmed up for you.