OnCore’s Top 10 Golf Personalities

In an era that glorifies the cult of celebrity, is it really any wonder we’re all a sucker for a stand out personality…? “Personality” in the broadest of senses, I’m thinking golfers with loud mouth pants, artists, cigar toting, tattoo wearing, fun loving, gun slinging personalities. Okay, I don’t know about that last one, but lets keep it simple here and let OnCore give you its definitive, must read, Top 10 Golf Personalities. As much as we would like to be the go to source of knowledge on this topic- let’s be honest, we’re not. So take it or leave it, curse it or cherish it, whatever you do, just dont say “we told you so”.


#10… Miguel Angel Jimenez, because who doesn’t love a pro who can smoke a cigar and sip scotch on his way to victory!

Cigar Duo

Not to be mistaken for Cigar Guy on the left….

#9…John mother freakin Daly, the man who needs no introduction.

balls of steel
balls of steel

#8…Ricky Fowler, the hat says it all. He could have the personality of a loaf of bread (not sliced mind you) for all we know, but he wears a flat brim hat…so he makes the list

kid with balls of steel
kid with balls of steel

#7 Blair O’ Neil, shaking the core of conservative golfers around the world. Let’s be honest Cobra Puma endorses personalities over talent, but there is a brilliance in this strategy.


Blair O' Neil

#6 BK the Artist…yup total self promotion at play here to OnCore’s creative director, Brian Kirhagis. Who can argue this kid didn’t stand out at the 2014 PGA Show? Between live interactive paintings, and  painting  with a golf ball as a brush, he’s made a name for himself in the golf biz!

BK The Artist



Shriners Kids with BK

#5 Trillium Sellers, LPGA Teaching Professional. Voted America’s Best Young Teachers by Golf Digest and distinguished lecturer at the 2014 PGA Show, this is one instructor on the rise! http://www.trillgolf.com/



Trillium Sellers

OnCore Digs!
OnCore Digs!

#4 Jason Gore…this one came recommended from OnCore’s head of Player Development, John Geiberger, who insisted Gore could light up a room full of golfers like no one else. Have to trust him on this one.

 Jason Gore

#3 Jenn Bosworth,  Cheers to Back9 for bringing a fresh approach to the game of Golf and cheers to Jen Bosworth for being part of that trend!

OnCore Supports!
OnCore Supports!

#2 Greg Norman

Greg Boss Man Norman, c’mon who could deny this legend his rightful place on our list, the man whose transcended his sport. Personality? Who gives, he’s a freaking rock star!


#1 Paula Creamer, because well she’s as sweet as apple pie! An accomplished golfer on the rise, we are big fans!

that's whats up
that’s whats up

Paula Creamer