OnCore’s on a roll PGA Show 2013 – Day 2

“Rise and shine…..who has the keys? Everyone have their passes? Business cards? Promo videos?”  We are double checking and then triple checking to make sure nothing is left behind. As a startup, there is very little room for error. On a stage this large and a moment so important for us, the margin for error is nonexistent. Ok looks like we are all set. Taking that 25 minute drive from Kissimee to Orlando convention center is the calm before the storm. It’s the final few minutes of zen. Once we enter that facility we know that it is showtime for the next 10 hours. For us this is our Superbowl, our time to shine and to show the world that no dream is too big and that we are here and refuse to go away quietly. The American dream comes in the form of 10 friends with a vision and a hunger that drives and motivates every one of us to reach for what we have been told is unattainable. We park, grab our bags and start the 100 yard walk into the building. Fist bumps are plentiful….”let’s do this!”

show time
Let’s Do This
Not your standard golf company












The convention center fills rapidly and we are being pulled in every direction. First it’s a group of curious golfers, then it’s a distributor from Europe, then it’s USGolftv or Back9network or Arizona Golf Central.

Arizona Golf Central
Back9 Network


It seems as though there is not a second to breathe. We are soon told to run to the new products section for a live radio interview with spectators standing by wondering “who are these young guys?”  That is easy to answer….”We are OnCore.” “We” are fools for not being scared or intimidated by the titans of the golf industry. That foolishness is also freeing. It’s that “balls of steel”outlook that allows us to break the shackles and truly be trendsetters rather than followers. A great quote that influences how we approach our business is “sometimes you must turn your back on the audience in order to conduct a symphony.” Well this show isn’t over until the fat lady SWINGS!

Back at the booth our team is handling the crowds and telling everyone about OnCore Golf.


Brian stands by his easels and continues working on his tribute to Arnold Palmer. He is using our hollow core golf ball as a brush to create another masterpiece. This piece will be given to Arnold Palmer’s charity as a gift.

Our ball is a work of art
Our ball is a work of art


Another Masterpiece












The interest we are getting from the executives at Nike, Titleist, Callaway, Srixon, Bridgestone and others in incredible. It is this kind of response that gives us the energy for the rest of the day!

Finally after several more hours of talking, standing, pitching and interviews we start to pack up for our drive back to the house where we will feast and celebrate another successful day at what is the largest show in the golf industry. We will look back on the day with excitement but have to be sure our memory is short or we will forget what it is that drives us.