OnCore’s GENiUS Ball

OnCore Golf is always trying to think outside of the box, pushing the limits to help golfers improve their game, and the GENiUS Ball will be nothing short of that. After each stroke, OnCore’s GENiUS Ball will have a GPS inside the ball that will allow golfers to track the ball from their smart phones, it will also allow users to track spin rate, velocity off the tee, distance and carry height apex and much more. This will allow players to go over the history of their shots, compiling information to help them make adjustments by studying the trends of their previous shots.

On CNBC’s Power Lunch, Co-Founder Bret Blakely explained how this innovative ball technology will give golfers real time analytics, a way for players to examine and dissect their golf game as they are playing. When asked if this may be too much for the game of golf, Bret explained how it will not only be a training tool, but a fun way for golfers to compare their shots with others in their group as they are playing throughout the round. Gathering as much information as possible is the new trend in today’s sports world, and this ball will not only provide that, but also significantly decrease the time a golfer has to spend searching for their ball in the rough.

Our company has constantly been growing and evolving, and it reflects in the products they have been putting out. Whether it be the Caliber which has a hollow metal core designed to keep the ball straighter for beginner golfers, the Avant, which is a great low compression ball for lower swing speeds or the Elixr, which is our tour ball that was placed on Golf Digest Hotlist in 2017, we have been able to create a ball for every type of golfer. The GENiUS Ball is simply another example of our ability to innovate within the game of golf, providing golfers the tools to improve their own golf game through data and analytics in a way that has never been demonstrated before.

When we first started OnCore in 2011, our expertise with the first ever USGA conforming hollow-core golf ball, makes us unique to the golf industry. Our center core technology with the Caliber ball comes into play when developing a ball that will protect the electronic module. We have proven as a company that we have the expertise and driven mindset to create another new golf ball that will have players blown away.


The GENiUS Ball is currently in development, and we are looking for golfers who want to be a part of the future of the game to take part in the GENiUS Ball revolution. Visit the OnCore Genius Ball IndieGoGo funding page and see how you can help fund the development of this revolutionary golf ball and be a part of the next big step to come out of the golf industry. It’s time to be MORE with OnCORE. For additional information on our products, visit www.OnCoreGolf.com