OnCore X Bentley Brunch





OnCore X Bentley Brunch

The morning breeze provided some welcome relief from the heat wave that engulfed eastern Long Island this past weekend.  As nice as the cool breeze was, the wind also meant we had to forgo tops to our tents. We witnessed firsthand its ability to pull the tops off and send them flying when one almost impaled us during setup! While we’re happy to still be here on this great planet, it was unfortunate to see the tent land smack in the middle of our new 30 foot putting green and the subsequent hole it left in its wake. That same green was about to see a lot of action, as over 300 people rolled in for the Bentley Brunch, and we needed some last minute repairs. Luckily, we were able to make the necessary adjustments and get the ball rolling (pun intended)!


Bentley Brunch

                  Beechnut Hill Farm Estate, Hamptons NY

The Bentley Brunch took place at the Beechnut Hill Farm Estate of Jeffrey Collé and we couldn’t have asked for a better day for the event. The weather was fantastic, and despite the morning setup woes, our putting contest, where guests of the brunch had three chances to sink a putt and win a sleeve of our EVO golf balls, was a huge attraction!  Our booth turned out to be the hit of the brunch… and it was quite comical seeing ladies in high heels, dressed to the nines putting for a chance to win!

Bentley OnCore brunch


Win an EVO contest


The Ledys, our gracious Hamptons Hosts

This brunch was unique for us as most of our events are on golf courses where spectators are rushing off to see their favorite players and only have a few minutes to learn about your product. Here, people had the opportunity to try out the ball, and we had the opportunity to have in depth conversations with people who were intrigued by the ball and wanting to learn more about OnCore.  It was also nice to see ONE ROQ vodka, a fellow Buffalo company, in attendance.

This event turned out to be a great venue for us-better than we had imagined-and we’re looking forward to returning next year.  We can’t wait to welcome all of our new fans as customers and members of Team OnCore!

The Ledy's Pad, our Hamptons Home




Hamptons 7-24-13 160




OnCore Putting Contest - EVO




OnCore with Robert Graham 



Post Brunch EXPRESS Clothing Party



Post Brunch Detour to the EXPRESS Clothing Party- Hamptons