OnCore Spotlight: Brian Kirhagis

Not only are we trying to make a difference on the golf course with the first ever hollow-metal golf ball, but we are also trying to find new ways to change the game, off the golf course.  One way we are changing how people think about the game off the course is with artist, Brian Kirhagis.  Many people would question what a painter has to do with golfing.  But here at OnCore, we see it as just another way to make the game, that much better.

Originally from Baltimore, New York based artist Brian Kirhagis discovered his calling when he was still in high school. In 2001, he attended Hofstra University and it was evident that he possessed a unique style and natural ability to capture the world around him.  Largely self  taught, Brian  developed  his  technique  through  countless  hours  of experimentation  in  the  studio.  Inspired  by Salvador Dali  and  the  surrealists, Kirhagis began  using  double images  and  hidden  elements  in  his  work,  allowing for multiple interpretations, to get the viewers thinking.

Kirhagis has had the opportunity to showcase his work as part of the release party for John Legend and the Root’s collaborative album.  At the party, he painted a live interactive piece with the help of red carpet VIP’s, and turned heads with an exhibition of original paintings.  His work has also been featured on MTV’s Spring Break with the cast of the Jersey Shore, was published in a theology textbook for Cambridge University, and was highlighted at the 2011 DUBMO Arts Festival.  You can find his work at restaurants in New York City and Miami.  Now, he is bringing his talent to OnCore Golf.

From here on out, Brian will be accompanying OnCore at various golf tournaments to create a more interactive atmosphere for the players and fans. He will make his OnCore debut at the BMW Tournament next May and will reveal his own OnCore piece that is in the works. Similar to the John Legend and the Root’s release party, Kirhagis will be painting live interactive pieces with the help of players and guests.  As players sign in and guests arrive they will “leave their mark” on the canvass for Kirhagis to work with.  During the tournament, he will turn the canvas into a work of art that will later be auctioned off for charity at the end of the tournament.  We hope to make the game more interactive between the players and fans  and believe the addition of Brian is a big step forward in that direction.

For more information on Brian Kirhagis visit his website athttp://www.brikart.net/ and check out his Facebook page where he is constantly added new pieces of art! http://www.facebook.com/brikart

Someone leaving their mark
Kirhagis turns it into art!