OnCore Hits the Strip in Vegas!

When the pilot mid-air announced the temperature on the ground in Las Vegas to be a cool 104* degrees, I started to question the sanity of  PGA officials tasked with scouting a site for this year’s PGA show. Why Vegas in the middle of August? Who the hell thought all these polo wearing yuppies could handle temperatures north of 100 degrees? The answer, appeared like a mirage in the desert – where else in the world can you exit a plane to slot machines?



I mean come on, that’s just cool. After de-boarding at McCarran International, we made our way to the sanctuary- aka The Venetian. What must be the most ungodly building to those visiting from Italy, is to most Americans, the equivalent of the Taj Mahal.





Our entourage was complete with the arrival of Roberto Clemente Jr. and his body guard Big E. I know what your thinking…why does Roberto need a body guard? Well actually, we were wondering the same thing. It turns out Big E. is a good friend of Roberto’s and honestly- at 6 foot 5  and 295 pounds of muscle, I was not about to question his presence.


We grabbed dinner at Public House and put together a game plan for the next couple of days. How were we going to make this trip worth it for OnCore? Who did we need to connect with to propel our business forward? What are the odds of winning at black jack, when you have trouble counting to ten? We decided on a game plan after being distracted time and again by scantily dressed servers. I was beginning to think the titans of the industry had colluded to organize the show in Vegas- knowing full well that start-ups, staffed by young men like ourselves, could not possibly get anything productive done here.




The PGA show kicked off at the Callaway Center- a full fledged driving range out in the desert. We had some time to kill before the show started which led to a few shenanigans on the 10th floor pool of the Venetian and some baffled stares from onlookers.





The Callaway Center was packed when we arrived and I must say it was a beautiful range. You have the Vegas strip in the background and airplanes taking off right behind the back fence. With the desert sun setting beneath the mountainous terrain,  it made for some beautiful visuals.


We made a number of great connections out on the range and saw a host of innovative products. We had an interview with a comedian from Arizona Golf Central and will post the hilarious footage tomorrow along with more coverage from day 2 of the show. The night ended with the OnCore crew being interviewed by Ken Thomson of Sport-X-Radio in The Palms Resort and Casino. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip! Thanks for tuning in.