OnCore Golf Q&A with Greg Baresel, PGA Instructor


OnCore Golf Q&A
OnCore Golf Q&A

Greg Baresel was nominated for the Golf Digest Best Young Teachers List, is a contributing writer for Popgolf Magazine, has appeared in Golf Infuzion Magazine, as well as other various publications. OnCore was pleased to interview Greg, enjoy!

Q) Greg, when you’re a kid they tell you can be anything you want…you chose to be a golf professional, I’m curious why?

A) As a kid I always wanted to do something in sports. I dreamed of being a professional baseball player so most likely I would coach baseball. As it turned out my first job was as a caddy at a local country club and then in high school I worked at a local public course in the cart barn. So I have really only worked in the golf industry. As my golf career started to grow in high school I ended up playing golf in college and then I knew I wanted to be a PGA Golf Professional. It was the perfect career for me. It allows me to have a sports career and a business career at the same time.

putting the EVO!
putting the EVO!

Q) You mentioned on our call a strong desire to stand out as a teaching pro. Can you give us an example of how this translates into your lessons?

A) Results are the best thing to stand out. When my players get the results they are looking for then people take notice. Plus being able to connect with each student is a huge advantage.

Q) What’s the most common mistake you see in golfers?

A) Lack of confidence. Golfers can be really good if they just have more confidence in their game. I always point out to my players their strengths and guide them to play towards the best part of their game.

Q) What attracted you to OnCore Golf (I know, shameless plug)?

A) When I was walking the floor at the PGA Show I saw this really cool booth with a graphic artist doing a panting. I first stopped to watch him and then we started to talk about the product. I think it is really interesting and different how it is a hollow core in the OnCore ball. I thought that they are on to something that is cool, new, and different. All good signs of a great company.

Q) Who were your role models growing up? How, if at all, do they influence your teaching methodology?

A) As a kid “I wanted to be like Mike.” Michael Jordan was who I looked up too. Not that I was a basketball player or anything but how he had so much influence around the world. He turned into a global figure and still is today. I know him for the greatness he was, while kids today know him for the brand he is.

it's in..hit the EVO to win!
it’s in..hit the EVO to win!

Q) I’ve never been to Chicago…convince me in one sentence why I should go…..

A) YOU SHOULDN’T!  No just kidding. The city of Chicago is one of the best cities in the world. The culture, lifestyle, and the Hot Dogs are world class. I think one of the coolest things about Chicago is the sport culture. During the summer you are either a Cubs fan or a Sox fan, there is no ’both’ and you cannot stand each other. But when it comes to fall and winter everyone  comes together and cheers on the Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks. Its a great city and the history is unbelievable. Lets not forget one of the oldest country clubs in history is here too, Chicago Golf Club.

Q) If golf were a Hollywood script, what are the forces of good in the game and what are the evil forces trying to bring it all down?

A) Very interesting question… I would say the golf ball is the good force and the player is the bad force. As I mentioned earlier I think lack of confidence is the biggest flaw I see and the golf ball only does what the player tells it to do. If the player can get on the good side with the ball only good things will happen.

Q) How do you feel about new innovation and technology in golf equipment?

A) I think it is great. People want to be successful in whatever they are doing and the new equipment allows people to play better golf and shoot lower scores.

Greg Baresel X OnCore Golf

Thank you for participating, enlightening answers as well! Last question- what is the best way for our fans to reach you?

You can reach me on;

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Thank you Greg